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At Last night’s PPS Legislative Meeting the following Personnel promotions/appointments/resolutions were passed:

“Dr. Jeannine French was appointed Deputy Superintendent at a salary of $142,000.

Dr. Jerri Lippert appointed Chief Academic Officer at a salary of $142,000.

Dr. Christiana Otuwa, Assistant Superintendent at School Performance - $131,000.

Mr. David May-Stein, Assistant Superintendent at School Performance - $123,000.

Dr. Barbara Rudiak, Assistant Superintendent at School Performance - $131,000.

Ms. Viola Burgess from Principal on Special Assignment to Executive Director at $9,578 per month.”

(There are no longer Assistant Superintendent designations for Secondary, Middle or Elementary in this document.)

All of these appointments include an “annual performance increment up to $2,000 and an annual achievement bonus up to $15,000 subject to the limitations set forth in a formally executed Employment Agreement.”


Anonymous said...

Seriously? This would be considered a really bad PR move if it was reported, however, it won't be.

Anonymous said...

We have assistants being paid the equivalent of most superintendent's salaries in districts with about the same number of students.

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting movement on the part of upper managment.

Amazing how this is playing out as restructuring, switching titles to save jobs or just plain belt tighting?

As a parent, my concrern was seeing at the beginning of HR appointments of full salaried postions.

A parent from a south hills elementary called and stated look at the new hirees-he was disturbed by the BRD hiring and yes hiring.

He focused in on one new appointment Program Manager Curriculum & Instruction because this is a daugther of a PPS employee. He complained and stated how can this person be qualified? Because a relative of an employee?

The parent of the new hiree is a teacher that does not want to retire and teachers his kids. Between his discussion mode, one can see his viewpoint about qualifications versus of family members, and all the teacher furloughs make you look at the hiring and firing practives.

It pays to have a relative to get you a job-even for two years. I was shocked to hear him complain, but he is right in a way.

Anonymous said...

In May, SUCCESS SCHOOLS got $513,000 for three schools (Faison, King, U-Prep).
In June, PEDRO NOGUERA got $520,000 for three schools (Perry/Oliver, Westinghouse).
MATHEMATICA got $286,000.
CORO got $50,000.
PACIFIC EDUCATION GROUP got $183,000 (for Courageous Conversations). TEACHSCAPE got $200,000 for RISE.
CENTER FOR EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP got $480,000 for Administrators' Career Ladders
DR. JUDY JOHNSTON got $62,000 (at $1,250 per day)
DR. CONNIE SIMS got $180,000.

Whoa! What other district can spend MILLIONS on CONSULTANTS????

Anonymous said...

Dear parents....

Your school district just fired 300 teachers due to financial constraints.


This fall, your kids will be in classrooms of 30-35 students which flies in the face of all sound teaching theory.

Read this page and try not to get sick.

These people have no dealings with your children.

WHERE ARE YOU, parents?


Anonymous said...

EVERYONE who has a group email list should cut and paste these SALARIES and CONSULTANT FEES and send it to everyone they know in Pittsburgh.

It should also go to Marty Griffin, KDKA, WTAE, WIIC, the Post Gazette, Tribune Review, City Paper, Business Times, etc.

What is the Superintendent's salary and bonus. That should be included.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, send a copy of the Legislative Report on Personnel and
Consultants and Contracted Services.

There is much, much more to shock, to astound, to question, to protest, loudly and at length . . . . .

Anonymous said...

PEDRO NOGUERA got $520,000 for three schools (Perry/Oliver, Westinghouse).

He is going to be a MILLIONAIRE with this salary as a PPS consultant.

This is ludicrous! -

I guess he does not live in the city of Pittsburgh to pay taxes!!!!

And relatives of PPS employees still getting jobs.

All the NEW moeny going to one family and not spread out is a shame and a disgrace.

That parent should retire as a teacher and give her job spot up.

As in JJ the consultant, and in the AP as a new hiree belonging to the soroity sisterhood-long live lives the isterhood

Anonymous said...

Item #52 Legislative Report – Committee on Education
"Under Dr. Noguera'a leadership, NYU will provide targeted support in five key areas of this consolidation:
1) Curriculum and instruction alignment,
2) Community Engagement,
3) School processes alignment,
4) Teaching and learning outcomes,
5) Student engagement

At Wesinghouse, NYU folks will design and implement workshops that give staff an opportunity to:
1) Review and analyze student data,
2) Develop an improvement plan and time-line ... for 2012-13,
3) Establish benchmarks to monitor progress,
4) Develop and implement a professional development plan and assist administration in the implementation of Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT)and other strategies,
5) Develop and implement a school discipline plan and classroom management support for teachers, use data and devise interventions."

This sounds wonderful; but isn't that why we have adminstrators at schools and at Central Office (by the hundreds)?

The real question here is: Does anyone in the current PPS administration do the work they were hired to do? Or do administrators just hire consultants at exorbitant amounts to do their work for them while they get paid six figures to find consultants, none of whom have a commitment to Pittsburgh's children?

Why are PPS administrators hired if they are not capable of educating our students?
Just asking . . .

Anonymous said...

To Concerned Citizens:

If you live in the city and ELECT a school Board director in your district, you are responsible for this. Please contact your Board members as follows:,,,,,,,, (Sharene Shealey)

CC the Superintendent,

Anonymous said...

Andy Sheehan has at least one kid who goes to PPS.
Someone here must know how to contact him.
How can PPS justify these salaries?
More pointedly, why do we need French at all? Her lone salary could pay two young teachers.
Why do we need May-Stein and Otuwa? Lippert could do all of that work and their salaries could pay 4 young teachers.
We do not need these people who apparently sit in offices all day or randomly critique teachers as job justification.

Has anyone ever seen the movie 'Dave' with Kevin Kline? If so, you know how a rational, average Joe could cut the fat immediately.

Media needs to be contacted on this immediately. This is an outrage. How can it be justified?
How can board members be allowed to keep their seats?

Anonymous said...

The consultant services above are for just one year and approved in June.

EVERY month a similar list of consultants and fees are contracted for one year.

So, how many millions are spent EACH month on consultants?

Anonymous said...

Frankly, French, Lippert, Otuwa are the most incompetent ever to have occupied PPS Central Office.
(May-Stein is too new to pass judgement.)

They really do need consultants to do the work, although we haven't seen results that are anything but very marginal despite all the consulting.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me!!! The people that work hard in the schools make nothing compared to these salaries!!! This is why our School District will fail!!!eig

Anonymous said...

The consultants are the PPS Administration's answer as “their servants. ”
PPS ADM act like rich people that need hired help to have a cushy life and do their work.
The Board members are signing the checks to have this “rich man’s mentality. “
Were French and Lippert on a vacation?
They were not at the Board meeting.
Yet, many were being cut as furloughed and out of work employees.

Anonymous said...


"Rich people," "cushy life," "signing checks", "rich man's mentality" while more than 6,700 Black children are failing in reading (on PSSA) at grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 11 ?????

How many thousands more are there at Grades 1, 2, 9, and 10?


Where is the African American community on this issue/

Anonymous said...

Hey, you forgot Grade 12.
Grades 1, 2, 3, 9, 10 and 12 don NOT take the PSSA, so they are ignored; they don't get all that test prep that goes on in February.

So you can probably double the
(6,700) number of African American students that are failing in Reading.

And, you are right, this degree of failure in a school system is worth a legal challenge.

Pittsburgh Public Schools does NOT serve Black children!

Anonymous said...

Friend, the district is serving NO children other than CAS children.
The district is predominantly black and as such, it follows that black kids are in general not making strides. It's a bit sickening to me that white families are fleeing to private schools---or cyber schools--and even more sickening that the Promise is going to be available to those who have gone cyber.

Let's tell it like it is. This district only works for the CAS kids, regardless of color. Do the math and realize that those kids are doing in well on tests due to their own devices, not the wonderful instruction.

Let's face it: the curriculum coming from the ivory tower is a complete and utter failure but hey, let's throw some more money at individuals like Judy Johnston.

Where are parents on this issue?
Where is the media?

Anonymous said...

As a PPS employee, I cannot begin to tell you what French actually does, other than have coffee with Brian O'Neill.
I cannot tell you what Barb Rudiak does.
I cannot begin to tell you what Christine Otuwa actually does, other than rail against teachers.
I never cared much for David Stein as a principal, let alone an administrator.
I can tell you what Lippert does but would ask how any of her thoughts or beliefs truly benefit today's urban students.

This is the chain of command, folks, and as someone says above, is a list reflective of administrative bloat. These people are simply not necessary.

Now multiply them times 70 or 80.

This is the amount of administrators who could be put out to pasture today for the benefit of the children in PPS.

They sit in offices. They sip coffee all day. They make lunch plans. They do a couple of observations.

And they get paid very well.

I used to think that weather forecaster was the best job to have. PPS administration has proven that wrong.

Anonymous said...

FYI These salaries probably don't include longevity pay (this is way Rudiak gets paid less) and the $5000 that each district administrator gets paid for a doctoral degree.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster who asked where is the outcry from the Black community on these issues. Trust me - we are here, but it's kinda hard to make an impact when you are not in the majority where it counts. Yes, African American children are the majority in District but we are not the majority on the Board when it comes to approving these ludicrous moves. We are not the majority in administrative roles that have an impact on bringing these issues to the Board for approval. Just look around the room at Agenda Review and Legislative meetings. Who do you see? White, middle age women. They are the ones that are really making all the decisions for our African American children. Most, if not all of them live out of the District and their children/families are not affected. Yes, Lane is at the top, but we all know she is not in charge. Otuwa doesn't count. While she is African, she is not African-American because from what I understand, she is a "princess" from some African country and does not, cannot, and will not relate to the plight of the African American. Administrators at the Board need to start putting their "courageous conversations" training into real practice! And on the subject of the promotions and transfers, the members of the Board who voted for the promotions ought to be lined up and shot for approving these actions. Trust me, next month in July when they are going to be approving the furlough of hundreds of teachers and assistant teachers, they will have a tear in their eye about how difficult a decision it is to approve the furloughs, but just a month prior, didn't blink an eye or utter a word about promoting administrators to continue doing the same job they were doing before they promoted them. I don't understand how they sleep at night. I think this whole French promotion is because Lane is on her way out real soon.

Anonymous said...

French has been more of a presence recently, maybe in the last year. She seemed to take a backseat before that. I think all of these administrators are highly intelligent, Mensa-material even. I have a brother-in-law like that, but he has not common sense.

Anonymous said...

well said to the Anonymous post at 5:58

Anonymous said...

I think being morally and ethically upstanding is, to me at least, much more important than being so "highly intelligent", especially where the leadership of a school district is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Bring back our teachers, get rid of some of these greedy idiots.

Raises and promotions, what a crime, to much administrative bloat.

The only people who lost jobs at the Board of Education were 28 secretaries.

Time to cut the real waste,
administrators and consultants.

Wake up Pittsburgh!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Amen! Amen!

And if you are not "morally and ethically upstanding," it is not likely that you are truly "highly intelligent."

Anonymous said...

Ask an old school administrator--someone like a principal or vice principal--about this new group of people leading the district. Granted, there are not many 'old school' administrators left, but there are a few.
Ask them about what goes on at meetings or at seminars in other towns. Ask them about what they see and hear.
To say they are uncomfortable with this lot is an understatement.
"Highly intelligent?"
But incredibly cavalier in their public displays of how not to carry one's self. Grotesque? You bet.
That these people are on the public dime and don't care is remarkable.
That they represent a school district and again, don't care or seem to understand the need to carry one's self with dignity is outrageous.

But that they are being given raises and are in line to succeed an aging superintendent is something that is stunning.

I am sure that there are some good people--PELA's and others who bought into this leadership scheme--who are soul searching. Not many, but a few. They know kids. They know urban needs. They know teachers. And most importantly, they understand the idea of integrity.

I am ashamed to be a Pittsburgher these days, and I am saddened to see that local media will do nothing but post public relations pieces about the district.

Pittsburgh teachers love their students. Most have dedicated their lives to make the commitment to move students forward.

It's a shame that our leadership does not share this thinking.

It's a shame that we have so many that are literally stealing their paychecks and partying as Rome burns, without repercussion.

Anonymous said...

Is French really a psychologist?

What type of psychologist would support the Success Schools system being used to control children at Clayton and in Philadelphia?

What kind of a thinking or "highly intelligent" person would ever go down this path?

Our children are our most valuable resource not puppets to manipulate and keep under such sinister control?

Children are our future. It is truly sinisster to treat them like Skinner's rats and Pavlov's dogs.

Heaven help us!

Anonymous said...

Do French, Lippert and Lane use "high intelligence" to institute a "whole-school" model Success Schools at Faison, King, and Milliones UPREP?

This model has NEVER been tried before outside of the "school-within-a-school" models of no more than 100 children in Philadelphia and the 80 students at Clayton who are sent back to their home school after "behavior modification" has been deemed successful?

The PSSA scores are worse at these Philadelphia schools than in Pittsburgh. (See PAAYP site) and at Clayton the achievement data is attributed to sending schools not Clayton.

So there are more than 700 students at UPREP who will be treated school-wide in this "sinister" manner (as well as all students at Faison and King).

What can Lane, French and Lippert be thinking to do this to our African American children?

How desperate can they be to institute a program such as this at these schools?

Anonymous said...

Here are direct quotes from SUCCESS SCHOOLS most recent brochure about the Populations Served and the Service Options.

- Alternative Education

- Special Needs Students

- Overage Students

- Underachieving & Undercredited Students

- Students with Disruptive and
Disciplinary Issues


- Alternative Education & Residential Schools

- Dropout Recovery/Prevention Programs

- Independent & Partnership Charter Schools

- School-within-a-School Programs

- Residential Juvenile Justice Programs

- Job Training & Career Readiness Programs

- Training & Consultation Services"

Anonymous said...

I believe that, at least at Faison, they ARE using a "school within a school" model.

That is, they are using their whole school discipline plan and the "Success Schools" people will only work with the older kids who are still out of control in regular classrooms after all levels of regular discipline/consequences.

No idea what the plan is for UPrep though.

Anonymous said...

The board isn't helping ANY of our students. The district is spending good money to bring in "Courageous Conversations," which is solely focused on how to get our AA students to achieve. However, if you look at what the program is about, there's nothing specific to the AA community. There is no magic answer. Do you know teachers are "Risen" on a rubric that specifically cites how the AA students are doing ONLY?
Why are we calling on only the AA community to speak up? Why isn't EVERYONE called to work together for our children, regardless of color, neighborhood, culture, whatever you want to call it? Quit labeling everything and stand together for all students. You're part of the cycle of racism when you segregate what's good for just white kids or just AA kids.
There are so many things that are going on behind the scenes of educating our students. We have separated them. Yes, WE, the ADULTS, have separated them. The district celebrated the PSSA gains of the AA students, and they should. However, did you also know that there was a decline in the gains of the PSSA results for some schools for white students? Or, is that ok, because they're white and the gap got smaller? Did you know that the standard for getting into CAS classes is lower for AA students? Open your eyes! Dr. King would be rolling over in his grave!
To the parents and teachers- "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
To the board and communities - "Segregation is the adultery of an illicit intercourse between injustice and immorality."
To the board alone - "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
To us all - "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


The SUCCESS SCHOOL models that were discussed by Board members---and the questions asked and answered were based on a WHOLE SCHOOL model from SUCCESS SCHOOLS.

SUCCESS SCHOOLS is being paid to deliver a whole-school-model in all three schools--Faison(for two years) at $280,000 and UPREP and King (for one year) at $140,000 each.

(Review the minutes and/or video and you will see Jan Ripper confirm the whole-school-model.)

Anonymous said...


Yes, it is clear that Pittsburgh Public Schools "celebrated" the supposed gains in achievement for African American students, but kindly explicate the precise gains and where they occurred.

Hopefully, you will find a few, (very few, if any, of substance). Looking forward to achievement that can, in fact, be "celebrated" after 6 years of a steadily downward trend in PPS.

Anonymous said...

Mmhmm. A whole school model that includes a whole school discipline plan, teacher and administrator buy-in to following the plan and consequences, etc. But also, some components of a "school within a school model" or rather a "class within a school" as part of a whole school model.

Semantics. Do you really trust what the administrators are telling the board in those meetings and trust that they're not omitting details or stretching the truth?!

Anonymous said...

We have all witnessed various behavioral plans-- with accompanying consultants--yes yes lets hear it for "the PBIS lady" and then the joy of no consequences-- the younger student who commits assault-- and too young to press charges against--even when the assault is on an admin. i do understand that we dont want to just 'control" groups-- but besides the aggressive student, and the assaulted staffer-- please think of the students observing this--and thinking this is what school is! Trust me that isnt all public schools!
And yes anon 8:59- thank you for putting feelings of many into this

Anonymous said...

Does staff have any support or protection from student assault or abuse?

Anonymous said...

Mark Roosevelt is still a "Broad darling" notice how he mentions LEADERSHIP as the most important aspect of turning around a "failing school district". He was the leader..he failed.

Anonymous said...

I just really don't understand. If SUCCESS schools is needed for failing schools like Uprep, a creation Cate Reed was responsible for under Derrick Lopez, and Westinghouse, then why is it at Faison, too? Didn't I just see yet another newspaper article about Faison saying everything is great there and has been turned around? Maybe they mean everything is great there except student behavior and safety? And what about MLK school on the north side? I keep hearing that school is nuts. Why not put SUCCESS schools there? Confusing. Why not just be honest and send all these students right to prison? That's what you are training them for here with SUCCESS schools. I have a hard time believing our teachers have no other way to motivate kids than to threaten them. Oh wait. That's right. We have gotten rid of all of our teachers who know how to do this and are substituting literally brand new teachers for them, with no one with actual classroom teaching experience left to guide them. Kind of like when you leave a 6 year old to babysit a 3 year old, except that this kind of babysitting would land yo, the responsible adult, in jail and CYF would take your kids away for you. The stories we are being told do not connect with one another. Why?

Anonymous said...


SUCCESS SCHOOLS is contracted for three schools at $513,000. (Linda Lane was wrong in her statements at the Legislative Meeting.) M.L. King on the Northside is one of the schools. The other two are Faison and Milliones UPREP. (See the May contract info from the May Legislative Meeting.)

"Send them right to prison" you say. Well that is what this program is doing. It is difficult to see where you are coming from so, if that was not a facetious statement, please explain what you mean.

Anonymous said...

To 1:16

The focus here on African American students is because PPS is putting an alternative, prison school model in three majority African American schools, Faison, M.L. King and UPREP.

No need to wonder why PPS can't "control" African American students. Basically, they have no understanding of culture, even with the so-called Courageous Conversations. PPS is set up for the success of white students. Just look at the situation honestly and do the research.

Anonymous said...

Speaking only for a handful of schools covered under the Gates grant, the money spent on training through Pacific Education Group (Courageous Conversations) is strictly grant money that can't be spent other ways. PPS cannot divert this money and spend it on bringing back teachers, for example.

I'm not trying to defend the district on any of the above issues, but it's important that the facts are straight when criticisms are leveled.

Questioner said...

At the same time, PPS has a lot of input in what kind of grants will be given. The foundations tend to ask what the district wants.

Anonymous said...

Also time (and the salaries attached thereto) are spent in getting these grants.

In general, it doesn't seem that people who really have their fingers on the pulse of the district decide on these grants either. They instead seem to be reading from a catalog (list on a blog? email listserv?) of things you can try in your failing urban district. Because the list they are reading from comes from the distinct "reform" group, it feels to them like all there is out there.

That is, they don't know what they don't know. They don't know what's really needed, they don't know what's going wrong (well, except for teachers, it's always safe to say teachers are doing the wrong things in the current climate).

They are unable to formulate or allow people with more knowledge to formulate solutions and then try them, small scale. That doesn't fit the model.

Instead, they sit at their desks, writing grants for money that pays for people to come in and give shiny, pretty talks and then lay out another checklist for principals and teachers to add to their already voluminous lists.

It's all a waste. And it DOES waste our money to have people spending time on these things.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we know that it is grant money and can't, technically, be spent on bringing back teachers. That was never a question or a comment.

The inference, regarding Courageous Conversations is that they have no effect on the curriculum, the instruction, nor the pedagogy. In fact, what you hear from those in the dominant community is backlash as opposed to changing the culture.

Sorry, but most of you know that to be true whether it is admitted or not.

Anonymous said...

Good comments 2:01.

We can only hope that the problems in PPS are because "they don't know what they don't know" since that is obviously the huge drawback.

Hopefully,it does not fall under a 'conspiracy theory' against the rise of African American children to professional places in society.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully,it does not fall under a 'conspiracy theory' against the rise of African American children to professional places in society. "

I don't think it is at this level -- the district level, that is. Now, at the top levels? The Walton family levels? That's where a lot of this started, before more lefty or really, more centrist Broad and Gates were involved. Don't really trust the top level motives. But I do think in many cases people who consider themselves in favor of social justice, etc. HAVE been conned into doing things that do nothing but set it back.

I will say at the district level, they talk the talk -- that is that the only reason some children aren't achieving is because the teachers don't believe in them. That just helps move you right past the differences in early experiences, the difference in summer enrichment, the difference in access to books, etc.

Ignorant or evil? Hard to say.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder how many of the comments here on pure reform come from central office administrators trying to "re-spin" the direction of people's legitimate concerns. Looks like this happens a lot. All this spin. That energy could be spent so much better on teaching and learning. Instead, it's spent on this kind of politbureau control kind of thing. Kind of silly and very amusing, really, that a few people think they can control an entire city by spinning communications. Pittsburghers have more common sense than that.

Anonymous said...

I wish.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this was a good thread until it was hijacked by some people who once again wish to play the race card. I look at that as the oldest trick in the book, a way to completely de-rail a conversation.
The topic of this thread should be an outrage for every taxpayer.
It should be an outrage for every parent.
I should be an outrage for every teacher.

It should be at the top of the list of articles for assignment editors at print and electronic media outlets in town.

Did anyone here even make a phone call?

Questioner, did you?

You cannot expect teachers to put themselves out there on the chopping block when so many are being fired through the auspices of RISE---you know, the program that "empowers" teachers.

Where is the outrage????

We are talking not only about individuals who do NOTHING for the students of Pittsburgh but by and large about individuals who I would not want educating my children on a personal basis.

They are not educators. They know nothing about the needs of urban children.

This is a completer outrage.

We just fired 300 hard-working young teachers....and we are going to reward this ilk?

Anonymous said...

The people playing the so-called "race card" are the only ones DOING something about what's going on in PPS. The rest of you just blog the same old comments over and over.

Using the term "race card" says it all about your mindset.

There are, believe it or not, people doing a lot more than making a phone call or testifying at public hearings which are a real waste of time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lane needs to go NOW!

Anonymous said...

She will simply be replaced by Lippert ot French.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 8:18, please clarify your "mindset:" Is there such a thing as reverse-racism? Please explain.

As for the replacement of lane by French or Lippert, all I can say is...Heaven forbid.

Anonymous said...

NO, there is no such thing as reverse racism. The dominant culture controls at every level and clearly maintains that control, more often than not, with a whatever it takes approach.

Cite an instance or example when that is not the case.

There are no Dame, Dame or 90-90-90 schools in Pittsburgh since as we all know there can be no black community or even experienced black school administrators who are able to successfully counter the dominance at PPS’s Central Office, School Board, the City Council, A+ Schools, Foundations, you-name-it . . . . . .

The "race card" needs to played as often as possible for those who do not have a dominant culture "mindset" so that the facts are more transparent---since it is very apparent from such comments that racism prevails

There have been volumes written that explicate and confirm the problem.

Anonymous said...

Let's pray that Heaven does forbid such a replacement of Lane.

Anonymous said...

The current administration has the school board brainwashed. (minus 2). There is NO WAY they will let an outsider come in and take a peek at how corrupt they are and how much money they make. The only outsider I could imagine would be another Broad graduate. Their lucrative jobs depend on keeping this scam going. The school board is either too corrupt or stupid to see it.

Anonymous said...

How many high salaried people are we unaware of? This does not include HR, CFO, CIO, Paula Poncelet, Eddy Jones, Cate Reed, Marnie Pastor, Pierce Kildruf, ,Jacob House, or whoever this guy (mcClinchie) is from the PPS started a new cyber school thread.

"The last point that needs to be made is that PPS has now created yet another administrative position at the tune of $140,000 for the position of Coordinator of Virtual Learning. Mark McClinchie will serve in this position". All of the above make above 6 figures. There are many more.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget about Lisa Fichette, who is actually pissed off now that she was not included in the last raise. But linda will find a way to get it to her because she has too much on her.

Well personally I would rather have French than Linda Lane. We have seen what Linda has done, lets try someone else. Linda is brained washed and lacks the skill set to get it done, at least French realizes that lindas technigues didnt work, so she may be willing to go another route to save the district. Plus she hates Otuwa and Fichette and a few others and would drop them in a heart beat and make room for newer ideas.

Isler is upset the French got choose over Lippert but not enough to make a stink about it. Lippert is quietly jealous but new if linda left, she would be rejected by the community and couldnt take the pressure.

Anonymous said...

Lopez is doing the I told you so dance, as he wanted to be the deputy. He is laughing at all the problems that have occured since he left. When Dr. Lane dogged him out and demoted him to stragtegic planning and put Rhonda in his department, he knew it was time for him to go. This was Dr. Lanes way of getting rid of Rhonda because she knew too much about her as well. But it back fired.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:07, there are so many self-serving, erroneous assumptions and conclusions within your postings that yes, your mindset is quite clear, as well.

I get a little tired of having to play the apologist with some segments of society, and by that I mean, with certain "mindsets" such as yours. The simple truth is that every race and every religion has had their fair share of racism, of tragedy, of torment, of holocaust. That you would not only salute but push for more usage of the race card is truly an insult to individuals of every race who would rather work harder to get ahead rather than push the idea that there is some need for a leveling of the proverbial playing field.

For the record, two wrongs never make a right. Playing the race card only masks problems and exacerbates tensions. And reverse racism--no matter what you would call it--is a reality that you seem to legitimize.

You state that the dominant culture holds control by whatever means possible. You intimate that whites hold those controls. I would wonder what your feelings are about sports and entertainment. I would wonder what your feelings are about an African American president. Let me guess---they are just puppets, right?

I find it fascinating that you are equating the lack of African American leadership in PPS as a microcosm for the nation. I find it disturbing that your thoughts are that there is some sinister force behind the curtain that is keeping blacks down and thereby keeping black children down. I would be glad to cite 30 years of history and advancements in this district replete with background information about accomplishments and mistakes, but I am sure that this would be lost upon you.

The point is that many of us in education take people by their actions. You're either all in or not and it doesn't come down to black or white. This extends to students---you're either willing to work hard to follow your dreams, or you're not.

Excuses, race cards and reverse racism just sustain the differences between us. How do you move forward when you are happy to wallow in the past and devolve into conspiracy theories?

Anonymous said...

Why was French chosen over Lippert?

She is much less truthful. Is that it?

Also, very condescending, patiently so with people who do not have a doctorate.

With those who do have a doctorate, French is defensively braggadocious about her knowledge and her experience in critical areas is obviously lacking.

French tends to be dismissive of some and falsely attentive to others depending on perceived importance to her agenda. French is wrong for PPS, too wrong.

What is bad now can only get worse in PPS with this group with very inflated views of themselves.

Arrogance is a disease that has become epidemic.

Anonymous said...


A well-written definition of who you are---and proud of it---clearly!

Clear also, the phrase that is used, "in education", identifies why there is such inequity and lack of educational opportunities for a majority of our students.

When you interpret others using your own erroneous assumptions and concepts, and then counter YOUR faulty interpretations with flawed theories and terms, the victory (in words) is yours.

When the mind opens to alternate possibilities a true victory could become a reality.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know that about French. Thanks for sharing. I thought she was the next person to save this district. If not her then who?

Questioner said...

Some comments have been sent claiming to indicate who wrote Anonymous posts. Those comments will not be approved- all posters who chose "Anonymous" have the right to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...


How about taking Dr. Regina Holley out of retirement?

She knows education, she knows, the District, she has a sense of PA expectations, she is an advocate for the currently under-served in this district, she has convictions, she has courage of her convictions, she speaks her mind, directly, she can think for herself, she can identify a problem and then come up with the solution, she is honest, she is straight forward, and most of all she cares deeply about Pittsburgh's children, all of them.

Anonymous said...

YES! Let's DRAFT Regina Holley for Superintendent, NOW!

Our children cannot afford allowing this District to get any worse!

Anonymous said...

Questioner, I appreciate your comment, but can you provide a little better explanation as to what you are witnessing?

Questioner said...

Sometimes after an anonymous post other commentators will write in stating that a particular post was written by a particular member of the administration, etc.

Anonymous said...

I see.

Thank you for providing a medium by which the public can voice concerns. I appreciate the great amount of stress that must come your way. Thanks for maintaining this site.

Anonymous said...

I second the thank you!

Tell concerned citizens and friends about this site, PPS gets virually zero press coverage other than PR. People need to know what is going on to increase community involvement.

Anonymous said...

The only "community involvement" that has see ANY impact on central office has been when they are deluged by testimony at the Public Hearing by literally 100's of people testifying with passion and detail about the mismanagement of schools. When Board members express shock at the amount of phone calls, emails, meetings, etc. generated by a community concern they make an attempt to look into the situation.

However, since the Board is not held accountable by constituents, it is more productive for them to side with administration without regard to the issue. The only two Board members who represent the community, constituents, and furthermore often protest on behalf of 'other' communities, are Mark Brentley and Regina Holley.

In short, community involvement, during this administration has been too little, too late, and falls inevitably on a majority of deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

Holley would be a great super, but the other board members would not vote for her. They know she would clean it up and clean house too.

Anonymous said...

Why would other Board members not want her to "clean it up and clean house too"?

Anonymous said...

What a failure of leadership to conduct another round of payjacking during all these layoffs (see March 2011 for round 1).

Anonymous said...

Because they like the way it is. They get to get what they want with out anyone questioning anything and Linda lane is their puppet. It the best of all worlds. Linda gets to say she fullfilled a life long dream at being a superintdent, even though she didnt make any academic progress, and the board gets play God with peoples lifes.

Anonymous said...

More Furough letters comming out real soon. Get ready.

Anonymous said...

More teachers?

Anonymous said...

On the 15th and 30th (or every 2 weeks)there should be a warrant out for the arrest for certain Administrators at Bellefield for "Theft by Deception" because these administrators are doing nothing but stealing money from the tax payers!....Anyone with just a little bit of educational experience can research the recent "Fads" of education and then hire outside Consultants to do the "labor" of the work. if the hired consultants do fix the issues then the Bellefield administrators look like they know what they are doing....But I think it is safe to say that they cannot even hire the right consultants to do the work....Maybe they should start another PELA program because the PELA principals are just so successful with turing arround buildings (sarcasm)..(although, i must admit there are a couple former Pelas that have done well) but for the most part can you say FAILURE! Just take a long look at a certain Elementary School in Squirrel Hill that USED to be VERY successful prior to being taken over by a Pela!....My goodness, i could go on and on about issues but I do not have that kind of time. Good night!

Anonymous said...

We've discussed this before but PELAs were generally wash-outs in the classroom or people who simply got into education for reasons other than the fact that yes, you have to work with kids.
They were generally young, impressionable individuals who made the decision to drink the kool aid rather than ever go into the classroom again.
Why is it no surprise that they are floundering in their positions of leadership?

As for the stealing of pay, let me say it again:

-I cannot tell you what French does, other than have coffee with Brian O'Neill and compare actual teachers with what her mom taught her teachers should be.
-I cannot tell you what Otuwa does other than spread her anger over teachers and building principals with second helpings available upon request.
-I could tell you what Lippert does but then we would all wonder just how she maintains a high ranking position when she is so far up in the ivory tower that she would need three or four layovers just to make it to the ground floor.
-I was never a David May Stein fan, even when he was running elementary schools. Not a fan of heavy-handed leadership.
-I have heard the names Fischetti and Rudiak but wonder if they are actually people.

All of these people could be cut down to one individual, and thereby you'd be saving 6 or 7 teaching jobs.

We could next go into individual content departments. We should. We could cut the 6 or 7 individuals in every area down to 1 or 2. Why not? Think about the jobs we could save.

Anonymous said...

"All of these people could be cut down to one individual, and thereby you'd be saving 6 or 7 teaching jobs.

We could next go into individual content departments. We should. We could cut the 6 or 7 individuals in every area down to 1 or 2. Why not? Think about the jobs we could save."

Amen -- there are at least 5 from that first group, which at their pay rates (plus their benefits) would cover more like 9-10 new teachers (including benefits).

Go look at the list of curriculum writers needed right now -- how many years have they been writing this curriculum now? Starting with Kaplan I think it's been 6 YEARS. And departments still have large numbers of non-teaching, administrative positions as well.

Then look at the whole mid-level of Cate Reeds, etc. How many of those positions could be down-sized, done for less money, or eliminated? At least another 5 young teaching positions worth. Possibly far more.

It's insanity!

Anonymous said...

And yet, they are protected. And no one says a word.

Jean Fink? Rubber stamp the teacher cuts, baby?

Teresa Colaizzi? Hey no problem, teachers are the problem.

Tom Sumpter? Well, I just know what Broad tells me and they say having many, many administrators is a good thing.

And so on.

Education is teachers and students, not administrators and students. Just how do we justify keeping all of these charlatans and firing teachers?

Anonymous said...

Linda lane has failed our school district and needs to go. We need someone who understands urban education and respects the work of our teachers. Linda was put in that position for one reason only and its time we fess up to it. She has failed us.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of this turning into a black and white issue. The teachers (and I am not one but am a parent of PPS children) can't do this alone. Their african american families have to take an interest in their education and value it. Some parents don't even get out of bed in the morning to send their children off to school. So, before you put all of the blame on PPS take a look at the environment that these kids come from in the morning and go home to at night and see if it promotes learning while at school. If these kids get into trouble at school these parents don't even give their kids any consequences, they side with their children and empower them to talk back to the teachers. What kind of role models are they?

Anonymous said...

If the current administration cares about parents not waking up and sending their children off to school why were they promoting earlier start times?

Anonymous said...

Hadn't we already determined that the administration has little knowledge of what's best for kids or interest in changing towards the things that have been shown to help, like later start times.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lane could be good but she does not take inpurt from teachers, parents or community people. She listens to the people around her who are Rosevelt hold overs. She is alos loyal to Broad as they saved her career when she was not selected for advancement in Iowa.

Also a few local people have been able to get into her head to get what they want.

Anonymous said...

Lane is not what PPS needs at this time. We need a real inovative leader who has the experience for turning a district around, not one who is learing on the job. She will be much better when she is retired and a consultant for a elementry school. This job was simply to big for her and although she realizes it, her pride wont let her do they right thing.

Anonymous said...

Lane was only a primary teacher for a short period of time 30 years ago.

The word is she spent most of her years in human resources.

It seems she has been removed from schools and classrooms for a long, long time.

She will probably retire and become or consultant or be given a position within the Broad Foundation, but it is not likely that she will ever be a effective in schools.

Anonymous said...

The word is out that this year's PSSA scores are really bad. Can anyone out there verify this?

I wonder who the scapegoat will be this time.

Anonymous said...

Gates and Broad are running our district not Lane. It doesn't matter who has the "title" of superintendent because they are not really in charge. PPS powers that be (including the Board) sold out to Gates and Broad. If Lane steps down, G&B will make sure another of their people become superintendent. We are stuck folks.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lane is well fit for this job. Why wouldn't she be? She is doing exactly what she is told by a few and has no vision of her own This district is on its way down and she knows it and does not care. Others say why not let it fall at the hands of someone like her so we can blame it on her.

Pps must fall completely on its face before people wake up and fight back for the kids, teachers and community, not lane and her crew. I hope French's promotion was a sign of better things to come. She atleast has hind sight to see what horrible moves lane has done and maybe able to move this district along.

Anonymous said...

Well what would you rather have? Dr. lane who is a educator, lacks the skill and not very smart, or French who is not an educator, whos skills has not be tested yet and is very smart? We are in a pickle. One thing I can tell you though. By Dr. Lane having French appointed Deputy Superintendent, she made sure she had her close so she wont try to lobby for her job and be loyal to her.

It is totality unacceptable that our board left the lives of our kids in the hands of someones who were not tried and true. We have allow incompetent leaders to set out district back years, and have cause irreputable harm to many of our students, and staff.

Anonymous said...

Two questions:

-Where did you hear the word about PSSA's? How reliable is that info?

-When does Gates money expire?

(And when does RISE money expire?)

Anonymous said...

The individual student scores with letters to parents were sent to the schools/districts on July 3rd.

Reports in Pittsburgh are that the scores dropped.

Reports from an Eastern PA district were that scores rose.

Only those in schools who received the scores know for sure. PVAAS scores will be available July 23rd. Public access on the PDE PAAYP site will not be available to everyone until late September.

To verify the PSSA data now you have to know a PPS administrator who will talk about their scores.

Anonymous said...

The timing of scores would help to explain the sense of urgency behind the administrative payjacking (part II), despite this round of furloughs.

Based on the data that is available, PPS administration would already have a good sense of the overall direction of scores and AYP status.

Questioner said...

When do students receive their PSSA scores? In the past, before Roosevelt, didn't they received them within a month or so after the tests? It would be most useful to students to receive the information soon after they take the tests.

Anonymous said...

Students will not receive their scores until sometime in September.

They have NEVER received them before September, late September (even in the Roosevelt days.

The schools ALWAYS got the raw student data (with a score)in early June. (This year schools were notified that there would be a delay until July.) The scores were received on July 3rd.

PVAAS data using PSSA scores will be available to schools July 23rd.

PAAYP data for all PA schools and districts will be online at PDE in late September.

This year's 12th graders will RETAKE the PSSA in October if they were not "proficient" in the 11th grade.

(So, they have less than a month to cover the skills that they did not acquire during the previous nine years of school.)

And in the coming years we are in the process of moving to Keystone Exams and Common Core which will be more rigorous than the PSSA.

Anonymous said...

YES, 222, every principal can NOW figure out their school's standing regarding AYP.

They will also know the exact score by number of every child on Reading, Math and Science PSSAs.

So they now know who is a high "Advanced" as well as a low "Below Basic"and all of the variations between.

Are the summer school lessons designed to remediate specific skills areas? Even if they did it would be virtually impossible to bring students up to the minimum PA state standard in 20 days.

Anonymous said...

Imagine working there and being asked to manipulate data on every level. If you have integrity you are gone, if you want to keep your job you have to compromise your morals. It is real and it happens. They are massaging the PSSA numbers as they have done since Roosevelt.

Anonymous said...

"Please contact me directly if you would like additional information about the PPS online school.

Mark McClinchie
Coordinator of Virtual Learning

June 24, 2012 8:52 PM"

Have to give him props for trying. The level of this administration "not getting it" stuns me at times. I never heard of this 6 figure position or name before. The money trail is difficult, if not impossible to folllow.

Apparently we have no rights to view a flow chart or salaries that are hired other than the top cabinet. That just skims the top surface of 6 figure salaries at central office.

Anonymous said...

You can find anyone's salary in the Board Minutes under the Personnel Report from the Legislative Meeting if you know when they were hired or promoted.

Check April or May for McClinchie's salary.

It is all public knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Public knowledge if you know their names and when they were hired...

I don't know their names, so I would have to sift through how many documents to figure it out? That is not what I would call public knowledge.

Anonymous said...

This is a list I've been keeping from the newspaper and this blog. I haven't added in department heads, etc. yet. PLEASE add more names here if you know of someone missing whose salary is say, greater than a teacher's post jump-step. We can ask someone to then file a FOIA for the information. Or hire our own intern to sort through all those incredibly long downloads!

Linda Lane,
Paulette Poncelet,
Barbara Rudiak,
Jeannine French,
Christiana Otuwa,
Jerri Lippert
Peter Camarda
• Jody Spolar,
• Lisa Fischetti,
• Nancy Kodman,
Rhonda Taliaferro,
David May-Stein
Cate Reed
Eddy Jones,
Marnie Pastor (gone?)
Pierce Kildruf
Jacob House
Mark McClinchie

Anonymous said...

Ted Vassar
Mark Campbell

Anonymous said...

Who is this? 6/27/12 legislative meeting, item number 17

Dr. Connie Simms-Board authorization is requested to enter into a contract with Dr. Connie Sims. The primary scope of her work will be to conduct regular school visits for the purposes of increasing inter-rater reliability and improving the quality and frequency of feedback and school-based professional development that all teachers receive. Dr. Sims will conduct co- observations and working sessions with administrators and ITL2s. She will regularly meet with the Performance Management team and the Assistant Superintendent who oversees her schools to discuss data on each school and create action plans to support principals around this data. Dr. Sims will work intensively with principals who have not yet earned complete certification through the Instructional Quality Assurance Certification process as needed.
The operating period shall be from July 1,2012 through June 30,2014. The number of days covered under the contract shall not exceed 100 days. The cost of this action shall be at a rate of $1,800 per day (including travel, off-site preparation, and submission of reporting). The contract amount shall be up to, and will not exceed, $180,000 from account line 1214-16N- 2832-330 for 100 days of work over the course of the 2012-13 and 2013-14 school year.

Anonymous said...

This contract is for the consultant who works with Paula Bevan, the trainer for Teacher Effectiveness who worked with Charlotte Danielson Teaching Framework.

While Paula Bevan continues to work with the PPS District (at an incredibly high consultant fee) for teacher training, for her co-worker, Connie Sims has separated from Bevan and will work independently as a consultant in the same training at a fee of $1,800 per day or not exceeding 180,000.

The evaluation from the Department of Education here was doubtful, at best (for what it is worth).

Anonymous said...

Rhonda Taliaferro retired.

Anonymous said...

Dr Bevan becomes a mound of jelly when talking about anything that is Charlotte Danielson. What else do you need to know?
Danielson would be an absolute failure in an urban classroom.
As would Bevan.
As would French.
As would Lippert.
As would Stein.
As would Fischetti.
As would Rudiak.
As would Johnston and certainly,
as would Otuwa.

This is a school district, and not a corporation. The corporate model to education fails miserably when those in ranking positions have absolutely no clue as to how to make inroads in the lives and achievement of children. Since they had no impact and no success themselves, they have to rely on research. How in the world does this makes sense?
And then, rate teacher effectiveness based upon research?
That's practical?

Who rates French? She is just another teacher basher.
Who rates Lippert and the inane "ideas" she hs for education?
Who rates Stein? Just what does he do? What has he ever done?
Who rates Otuwa? Who rates Rudiak? And Fischetti?
Why are these frauds above critique, especially in light of such fantastic pay?

And when does RISE money run out?

To any teacher---try to listen to Danielson and then Bevan for more than ten minutes without becoming violently ill. I say it is impossible.

Just Sayin' said...


I'll tell you who rates those people. Indirectly, it's the city's voters and the city's teachers.

And Lane, Lippert, etc. are getting great ratings from them.

Concider this. The voters keep reelecting the same Board members. And the teachers keep reelecting the same PFT staff.

So Lane, Lippert, etc. could reasonably conclude that the voters and the teachers approve of the current direction the district is taking.

It's just another piece of evidence that the district is beyond saving.