Friday, January 9, 2009

Achievment Gap

On the "Open Processes/ Sharing Data" post PPSParent wrote:

Speaking of data, here's an interesting excerpt about test scores and achievement gaps (at least scroll to compare the recent years chart to the previous years chart)

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IronMan said...

It's disconcerting that the "racial achievement gap" within city schools has allowed city administrators like Jerri Lippert the ability to formulate a grading policy that serves as an embarrassment to all teachers and effectively cuts the legs from under each classroom instructor in the process. Note to Jerri: no one within the American public education hierarchy has ever come up with a viable solution to the following conundrum: what do we do with kids who don't care about education and who come from families that don't value that same education. While it would be truthful to say that this has long been a problem that ran most pointedly along racial lines, it's not strictly black and white anymore.
Allowing kids to get something for nothing provides for nice press when we suddenly read in the paper that scores are improving, that the achievement gap is lessening, and it's in keeping with this district's administrative focal point--public relations--but it's not reality.

Education begins at home, no matter your color.