Thursday, January 22, 2009

Board members waiting on information as to CEP's performance

From this week's City Paper:


Kathy Fine said...

In mid November, PURE Reform requested information under the "Right to Know Act" regarding CEP. Specifically, we asked for "any performance evaluations" that the district has done regarding the students/administration at CEP. We received a response that stated that there "is no public record responsive to our request".

Upon reading the contract between CEP abd the PPS district, we sent another request on January 5th with the specific language from the contract as follows: "On page 17 of the PPS contract with CEP it states that “At the conclusion of the first year and every year thereafter, CEP will participate with a District Review Team in an annual assessment of student academic and behavioral performances.” I am requesting a copy of this annual assessment by the District review team as specified in the CEP contract for the each school year that CEP has been under contract by the Pittsburgh Public School District. PURE reform has not received a response from this second request and will follow up.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Good request Kathy.

I blog about this article: