Friday, January 23, 2009

PPS coaches for girls' teams

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WTAE's Sally Wiggins did a report last night on the PPS Title IX "self-audit." You can watch the video at this link:

What the story failed to address, is the fact that the majority of the PPS girls' teams are being coached by men who are coaching 1 or 2 other sports. The girls' sports give them extra money in their pocket for often times, minimal work. One can put all the money in the world into a sports program, but if you have an unqualified coach who doesn't have a vested interest in his/her team, the money is wasted. There is simply no accountability for coaches in the PPS. The 1.9 million spent on coaches is money wasted. Who loses? Our student-athletes, especially the girls, are the losers.

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Anonymous said...

I do understand the audit going on and really must commend PPS for being so open to possible criticism. I may be off topic but somebody needs to point out the less than civil, sportsmanlike behavior of students in the stands. I sat near a group of JV girls as we watched a varsity game and rude does not cover the behavior. I should not have been surprised since this same group of JV players danced to the tune coming through their ipod earbuds during the playing of the National Anthem. I won't get into the reasons I did not point out why I did not take the opportunity to have a "teaching moment" with these kids.

Will the audit also cover how well the district enforces the rules of play? For instance, the no jewelry, no fake fingernail rules? I have seen refs stop games because the rules governing appropriate wearing of a uniform were not being followed.