Wednesday, January 7, 2009

District defends 50% minimum grade policy


Anonymous said...

Have you people lost your minds!! PPG stated:"Dr. Lippert called the policy mathematically sound. If the E ranged from 59 percent to zero, she said, it would carry more weight than passing grades."
Who is she and please tell me that she is not teaching math to my kids!?! The 'sound' reasoning in this policy should include 'an F from 40-49, a G from 30-39 etc... A disasterous result of this policy will be that a PPS diploma will be held against students who wish to continue their higher education.

science1 said...

This is one of those times when it would be great to have the committee presentations available on the PPS TV on the Web link. The power points are usually on the site under committee presentations so maybe we can get an idea about the math from there.

Questioner said...

Based on one of last month's board meetings, more and more policy discussions will be moving to committtees, which apparently will not be televised and no transcripts produced. The televised proceedings will be an opportunity for board members to announce for example "that there's going to be a play" at a particular school.

Another strike against transparency.

Anonymous said...

Grades are going to be inflated, why, so more students qualify for the Pittsburgh Promise. Making Roosevelt a Hero.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Lippert is in charge of curriculum development for the PPS.
She was originaly a Phys Ed teacher from The Baldwin-Whitehall School district.

I also read on the net she was one hell of a power lifter.

I would love to know were she got her PHD from, some internet school?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lippert is very knowledgeable and definitely mensa-like. Don't underestimate her ability to perform her duties BUT don't underestimate her ability to follow the company line either.

I would like to know what the student-to-administrator ratio is as of this school year.

Anonymous said...

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