Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Asbestos Issues in Schenley vs. Other School Buildings- New featured topic

PURE Reform's latest featured topic has been posted. It is a response to a January 12, 2009 memo by Superintendent Roosevelt, "Asbestos Issues in Schenley vs. Other School Buildings."

To read PURE Reform's response, go to the Featured Topics tab of the purereform.com website.


Questioner said...

See PURE Reform's post on the Pittsburgh Comet blog re: a green restoration of the Schenley building.


Questioner said...

At yesterday's Legislative Session, Board member Mark Brentley requested an evaluation of the schools at issue by an independent firm that does not do work for the district.

The evaluation would apparently provide information as to whether all appropriate steps are being taken to minimize asbestos hazards at these schools and whether and how the asbestos risk at Schenley compares to that at the other schools. It seems that this request is to be considered by a committee of the school board.