Monday, January 12, 2009

PURE Reform's testimony on apparent inconsistencies in district treatment of asbestos plaster failures available

PURE Reform's testimony on apparent inconsistencies in the district's treatment of asbestos plaster failure presented at the January 12, 2009 Board of Education Public Hearing is available on PURE Reform's announcement tab.

Go to the January 12 date and click on "PURE Reform REPORT."

NOTE: Due to time constraints, the testimony presented at the hearing was somewhat abridged. The announcements tab contains the full text of the written copy provided at the hearing.


Anonymous said...

I heard roosevelt on the radio saying that the schools are safe, air is being monitored.

But he said last year that by the time monitoring showed asbestos in the air it was too late, the damage had been done.

Questioner said...

The formatting of the testimony did not post correctly on the announcements page. If anyone would like to have a correctly formatted copy sent to them by email, plse send a request to

Anonymous said...

Asbestos or not, the decision to close Schenley was made well in advance of the Board vote on it. Work on the Reizenstein building to prepare for Schenley students had begun well in advance of the vote. It was a done deal like everything else. Roosevelt doesn't listen to parents. He forges ahead with his own agendas despite the parents' input.

Questioner said...

If nothing else, it is clear that the safety standard for asbestos plaster in PPS does not require elimination of any chance that asbestos fiber can be released.

When the standard changes, so does the cost. Our information is that an independent expert could well find upon inspection that all the Schenley building needs to be made as safe as other district buildings is ventilation, adjustment of the windows, and measures to protect against water infiltration.

An independent expert might also provide a more reasonable estimate of the cost of abatement in connection with any necessary updates in mechanical systems.

Anonymous said...

They could just start doing the repairs now at Schenley and be back open by August.

Questioner said...

That could very well be. Or to be extra cautious they could allow an extra year for observation and plan on the building being available for fall 2010.