Saturday, January 24, 2009

Teacher absenteeism

On another post, Anonymous wrote:

By the way, for your information, the school with 18 teachers out in a day (many times even) is your "flagship" school - Allderdice. Allderdice even manages to keep "building spares" (substitutes who automatically report as opposed to being called by sub service) on site every day because of absent teachers. If by some chance they aren't needed to cover classes, they are still paid for the day. And if this is the PPS "flagship", I'd hate to see what the other high schools are like...

Posted by Anonymous to PURE Reform at January 24, 2009 12:18 AM


Questioner said...

How many teachers does Allderdice have in all? That information would be needed to draw any conclusions about the absence rate.

Also is there documentation anywhere about the cost of "building spares"- for example in the budget?

Anonymous said...

Many districts do this, (South Fayette I now for sure). Folks, day-to-day substitute teachers are paid something like $60-$90 per day. Yes, per DAY. With all of the district's financial woes, do you really think proactively keeping the schools adequately staffed is something to be concerned about?

Anonymous said...

Allderdice has approximately 120 teachers. Substitutes are paid $100 per day. A "building spare" gets that same rate. The difference is that they report daily to the same building and are paid whether needed that day or not. They are sort of an "insurance policy" that you will have a live warm body to cover classes. On days when many teachers are absent system-wide, a school might not get enough subs and then other in-house teachers have to cover classes. At least with "building spares," you are guaranteed some subs. A "regular" substitute gets called at home and is sent wherever needed on any given day. If not called, then no pay for that day. What is nice about being a "building spare," is you know where you are going each and every day, and you have a daily pay.

As per the Dec. 12th summary budget statement, the PPS budgets a little over 3 and a half MILLION dollars for substitute teachers. $3,541,894.00. That is a big chunk of change!