Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pittsburgh would be affected if voucher bill passes

On another post Anonymous wrote:

Notice that Pittsburgh is among the six “worst-performing schools districts” in the state who will be eligible for vouchers under the new bill.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — "The state Senate could vote as early as Wednesday on a bill that is designed to meet Gov. Tom Corbett's desire to overhaul Pennsylvania's public schools by helping thousands more of those students afford private and parochial school tuition with taxpayer help and making it easier to open charter schools."

“Under the new bill, vouchers would be limited to children in the worst-performing school districts, but income limits would be higher. “

“The bill likely would make thousands of public school children, primarily from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Reading, Chester and Allentown, eligible for a taxpayer-paid voucher that would help them pay for the tuition to a private or parochial school that chooses to participate in the program.”

Read more: Pa. Senate could vote tomorrow on education plan - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review"


ALA Dad said...

I don't understand. Mrs. Fischetti and Dr. Lane explained that we were second only to Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

Qoute taken from post gazette ( wednesday)
"Most of the eligible schools are in Philadelphia. Those in Allegheny County are Westinghouse, Oliver and Wilkinsburg high schools; Sto-Rox and Wilkinsburg middle schools; Clairton, King, Northview, Woolslair, Arlington, Murray, Stevens, Sto-Rox, Johnston, Fairless and Woodland Hills elementary schools; Duquesne Consolidated School; and the Helen S. Faison Arts Academy."

ALA Dad said...

So we have eight of the lowest performing (bottom 5%) schools in the Commonwealth?

How can this be true with Dr. Lane getting a bonus?

Someone please help me.

Anonymous said...

9:41 - ALA Dad, Yes, PPS is "second only to Philadelphia" for the greatest number of underachieving schools in Pennsylvania. AND, unfortunately, In PPS the ALAs have consistently been among the ten lowest achieving schools in Pittsburgh; therefore, making the ALA's among the lowest-achieving in Pennsylvania.

It is also important to know that the African American students in ALL of Pittsburgh Public Schools are significantly below the minimum standards set by the State with one exception. Only at CAPA did the African American students meet (and surpass) the MINIMUM STANDARDS in Reading and Math. (Dilworth came close.)

Anonymous said...

Didn't we go over this? Dilworth did meet/exceed the standards.

Also, their percentage of low-income kids and their ratio of black to white kids is far more representative of the district as a whole than is CAPA's. While they are a magnet school, they do not have the ability that CAPA does to "pick and choose" students with test scores and an application process!

Anonymous said...

1:10 - Further research will show that there are significantly more schools in PPS than those mentioned in the PG article for eligibility.

Questioner said...

Anonymous sent a comment for this thread that was acidentally rejected- please re-send.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:02 - Please give a link or show us (or even summarize) the further research. I don't doubt you but I need proof not just an educated hunch.

The Big Man said...

I'm hearing rumors of between 300 and 500 teachers being furloughed next spring. That should make the Corbett administration, elements within the PPS administration itself, and especially taxpayers quite happy.
You know, I've had it with the current state of affairs in education. I've had it with a republican maniac in charge who'd rather scapegoat teachers than have the courage to tell it like it is: schools fail in communities where parents just don't care and are not a part of their child's life.
I've had it with a school administration that will protect administrators in these tough financial times at the expense of people who are actually in the classroom, working to help kids.
I've had it with media that would rather read press releases as news than to dig deep to find news.
I've had it with union leadership that is spineless and that continually betrays its rank and file. When change is voted in, this union changes its laws in order to squelch those new voices.
I've had it with the citizenry that would rather see radical changes and firings rather than pay a few bucks more. Hey, as long as you can have a few extra bucks for some beers, Steelers tickets and new video games.
I'm sickened by this new era in education but I'm a dinosaur.
Young teachers, I feel badly for you. If you aren't let go next spring, you'll have years to deal with all of the above: charlatans, cowards, carpetbaggers and people with their priorities where the sun doesn't shine.

Anonymous said...

110% right.
Teachers, it's open season on you.
You have no friends and no allies...not in the union, not in PPS administration and not among taxpayers.
A mass strike would look good about now.