Sunday, October 2, 2011

Roosevelt at Antioch

From the PG:


Questioner said...

From the article, quoting MR:

"Content and knowledge have not been honored sufficiently, and we have not been honest enough with students about how their willingness to work [is needed] to contribute to that effort."

- This may be a lesson learned looking back at PPS days- because the need for students to be willing to work was not really emphasized during MR's time hear, except in dream big/work hard posters.

Anonymous said...

Quote by Roosevelt:

"Nonetheless, he said with some passion, the debate on that issue, while crucial, obscured a larger crisis: the increasingly mediocre performance of American students as a whole when judged against the rising standards of their competitors around the world."

While it is very important to consider the whole, the wider, broader condition of education worldwide, we cannot lose sight of the fact that in Allegheny County and the state of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Public Schools is among the very lowest achieving Districts. And this ranking comes as a result of a MINIMUM PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT, the PSSA.
Roosevelt's (et al) leadership very negatively impacted more than 24,000 students; its probably a very good thing that his influence now only impacts 35 young men and women.

This is, by all accounts, where he should have started in the first place. It is unconscionable that, instead, he put PPS students "at risk" in terms that MUST be reversed IMMEDIATELY if not sooner.

Please check this website:

The WAA leaders are keeping it real!

Read more:

Old Timer said...

This is a clear example of what I wrote on another thread: the media being mesmerized by press releases and facades.
This charlatan never stepped into a school without a bodyguard, and never took a minute to understand what it means to be a teacher or better yet, what it means to be an urban parent.
That we continue to see this kind of yellow journalism is sickening.
Here's a man that did more to destroy education in our city than to match the needs of students with the needs of society. There is a reason that our students are woefully unprepared for college, let alone how to live in the modern world, and his championing of an agenda-riddled curriculum that is pushed by ivory tower types at Pitt and their minions in supervisory positions within PPS--you know, the people who hide in offices, deride teachers and simply nod their heads in central administrative meetings--has gone unreported by the likes of the PG and other "media" outlets.
When will the shroud be ripped off of this corporate opportunist?

Veteran Teacher said...

The quote about content and knowledge is especially sad.

MR really does not grasp that the managed curriculum he installed stifled creativity and will leave nearly an entire generation of PPS students without critical thinking skills.

corageousconvo said...

"Content and knowledge have not been honored sufficiently, and we have not been honest enough with students about how their willingness to work [is needed] to contribute to that effort."

People in the highest positions of authority are too busy talking to one another and to corporate types and politicians that they, who should be communicating the honesty and work ethic to kids, have failed students. It should be superintendents who convey the "willing to work" messages to kids in very straightforward terms.

Langley Parent said...

Mr. Roosevelt must think he died and went to heaven.

I read elsewhere that Antioch has over 50 staff members, only six of which are teachers. All to service 35 students.

If you think you suffered from Central Office bloat in Pittsburgh, take a drive to Yellow Springs.

Those central office:teacher and non-teacher:student ratios must be the envy of Broad graduates everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to send the How we got where we are" series to James O'Toole and dare him to write about MR after reading it! The Post-Gazette continues its lovefest with MR and continues to taint the name of journalism.

Questioner said...

Re: "In choosing these students and their 32 colleagues, Ms. Ecklund-Leen noted, among the qualities the admission committee sought were perseverance and tenacity.

"Mark calls it 'grit,'" she said."

- The NYT magazine 2 weeks ago had an article about a researcher who identified and named the "grit" factor in student success. This information should be included in the article. Often when MR jumped on trends in education(PELA, teachers academies, etc) it was not apparent for some time that the experiments originated outside the superintendent's office.

Bulldog Forever said...

Q, please don't expect intellectual integrity from the Roosevelt/Lane/Fischetti/Weiss administration.

We have exposed numerous instances of plagiarism and academic fraud on the part of Chief Information Officer Mark Campbell.

He would have been fired from any credible institution.

Anonymous said...


Old Timer said...

What's not true? Roosevelt was never in Pittsburgh? Damn, I knew it was all just a bad dream.

Anonymous said...

The threads are getting confused, lol. Maybe we should play a game of "who's on first" just for fun.

Does anyone know how to have fun anymore?

Anonymous said...

Veteran teacher is so correct:
MR really does not grasp that the managed curriculum he installed stifled creativity and will leave nearly an entire generation of PPS students without critical thinking skills.

But my concern is not MR- my concern is that our school board doesnt see this NOW, our UNION doesnt see this now-- and the "empowered" teachers cannot at this time make the necessary changes. How can teachers and parents join together to put an end to this madness?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Kids from PPS should get the Pgh Promise extended to Antioch too.

Good to see a Dice kid is there too.

Knock off 10k a year, okay, Mr R.

Retired custodian said...

Reading about Mr. Roosevelt's new-found environmental sensitivity is pretty amusing.

In reality, MR:

1. Refused to do something as simple as turning the lights off in his office when he left the room;
2. Complained throughout his entire Pps tenure about the district's usage of high recycled content toilet paper and paper towels;
3. Would insist the custodial crew turn on the cooling system in the admin building if he was going to be there on a weekend day;
4. Would not support a reduction in personal appliances in offices and classrooms to reduce energy consumption, despite the strong recommendation of a joint labor-management energy committee.

Politician? Yes.

Actor? You bet.

Environmentalist? No way.

Questioner said...

It is also ironic that he sits in a sunlit, bookfilled room when the schools he chose to retain for our students are too often windownless and short on books (the theory being that information is available online).

Questioner said...

The same NYT magazine from 2 weeks ago had an article on Antioch:

Anonymous said...

Acc to the article all professors hired are age 40 or under. In Pittsburgh also he preferrd young staff. Is he risking age discrimination lawsuits?

Anonymous said...

MR would never be able to "control" with older, wiser, more experienced professionals with expertise. IT COULD NEVER WORK. MR's lack of wisdom, etc. would quickly be revealed and he would be "dead in the water" so to speak.

That's precisely what happened here in PPS and I wonder if we will ever recover?

Anonymous said...

As a retired PPS administrator, your absolutely correct in your premise regarding MR's interactions with successful seasoned veteran administrators. His lack of experience as a school administrator was evident during his rare appearance at principal meetings. Retired principals Holley and Rucki consistently spoke up to challenge district policies to ensure a quality education for all PPS students. Kudos to these principals for their efforts in making a difference for their students. I will always remember the words of these exceptional colleagues, "Equal Is Not Always Equitable." Principal Holley, I welcome your leadership and vision and wish you success in the upcoming election for School Board. Principal Rucki, you too should consider the possibility of running in the next election. The knowledge, experience and leadership these two women would bring to the Board and Central Office in terms of decision making is most needed.