Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Upcoming school board elections

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This site has been very useful in identifying the many problems facing the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

But identifying the problem is just the first step. The second step, obviously, is to ACT to solve the problem.

On November 8, 2011 there will be elections in four PPS school districts.

The incumbents are marked with an (I).

District 2

Regina B. Holley, Democrat
Dara Ware Allen, Republican (I)

District 4

Bill Isler, Republican, Democrat(I)
no opposition

District 6

Sherry Hazuda, Democrat (I)
Lisa Jones, Republican

District 8

Mark A. Brentley, Sr., Republican, Democratic (I)
Rosemary Moriarty, Moriarty-Independent

If you are satisfied with the direction the district is taking, vote for the incumbents.

But if you are serious about wanting change, please contact Ms. Holley and Ms. Jones and offer to help!

These two ladies need help; people to help get the word out and to man the polling places on election day.



Even though Mr. Brentley is an incumbent, he is a true outsider with the same reform views as Ms. Holley and Ms. Jones.

As the old saying goes, talk is cheap. Please do more than just talk about PPS problems!

Please consider contacting Ms. Holley, Ms. Jones, and Mr. Brentley. Offer to help! That's the only way things will change.

Moderator: I am a district employee and not affiliated with any of these candidates. Please make this a new post."


Anonymous said...

We can't except different results if we keep doing the same thing over and over again. We have a chance to put some new people on the school board who may make a dramatic difference in the system. LET US NOT BE AFFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING NEW. Holley and Jones may be the change we need. They are not career politcos. Talk with them and see as to where they come and what ideas they have for our children's education. If you like what you hear, help them get elected. I was impressed with both candidates.

Anonymous said...

I live in Collazzi land, so I can't make a difference this year. I have never voted republican, but if I could I would to flip this inept brainwashed school board. ( Brentley is the exception.) He use to annoy me until I started looking at the major impact Broad/Gates controls the district and the board. No questions asked by any other board member. He cares and is really fighting to do the right thing. It must make it more difficult for him when he is ignored, snickered at and gets the Colazzi infamous eye roll. I reside in the best feeder pattern in PPS with a caucasian "gifted" child. Brentley has 100% of my support and I hope more people with his passion run for school board. We need accountability, real results and transparency. We have none of the above.

Mark Rauterkus said...

People can make a difference -- even if they reside in another district. The difference isn't at the ballot box. But, it can come in donations, work, poll support, phone calls, letters, etc.

A good helper or three can go door knocking or passing around literature and make an impact.

Elections Matter said...

Good post at 1:58, Questioner.

In local elections such as those for school board, it takes only a few volunteers to make a big impact.

If Holley and Jones win, it will send a strong message to the current Board.

But if even one of them lose, the message will become garbled. And then we'll see business continue as usual.

Questioner, is there anything Pure Reform can do to help Holley and Jones? Is there any way we can organize to help those two?

We all know that change is needed. Almost all posters here have said that. But I'm really afraid that we're going to let this opportunity slip by.

Questioner said...

We will look into this.

Old Timer said...

Holley was no friend to teachers and marched to the company line where items like RISE were concerned, from all reports. I'm not sure what type of upgrade the school board is getting with her. Jones knows first hand the ineptitude of central administration and what RISE really is...a means to target teachers...any teacher at any time. I have no doubt that she would be an incredible asset to the board but at the end of the day, at least to me, it would be she and Brentley against the status quo.
Mark is wrong in his assertions here. The Occupy protests you see are at least serving to prove that there is finally an awareness that money rules our political system and that the entire system needs radical change.

Whether it is the office of president or school board, all of the positions need to be opened...and all at one time. Media needs to give the common man without the big money a platform for his message, as well.
Otherwise, you'll have a lot of talk, a lot of big money going into the "selection" of candidates, and a lot more money influencing how those candidates vote.

Sorry, but as a teacher and as a citizen, I do not see this facade of a government by and for the people actually moving back into that direction anytime soon. And I don't see the Colaizzi's or Fink's becoming two worried.

That's a shame for students and families, and a shame for teachers, as well.

Questioner said...

Many teachers worked in support of Dr. Holley and posted in favor of her on this blog. None had anything negative to say. Word is that she is greatly missed at Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

Old Timer --

"marched to the company line where items like RISE were concerned, from all reports."

Marching to the company line is not a description of Dr. Holley that anyone who worked for her would use. She did what worked for the kids -- whether or not it followed the "letter of the law."

Lincoln was a RISE pilot school, 'tis true. The teachers voted to be part of that, with many different opinions expressed before that vote. But Dr. Holley always chose for/with the kids rather than following the flavor of the day.

It is true that she's not necessarily a hand holder -- she tells people what needs to happen and then she gets out of their way. If they don't get it done, then yes, she'd be back to talk!