Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PSSA school level results

Results for schools, broken down by grade level for math, reading, etc. and then by subgroups (male/ female, etc) are available from the State at:

Go to the Allegheny County section, the Pittsburgh Public Schools, then the relevant school.


Questioner said...

Maybe everyone can pitch in to review these results. It would be interesting for example to know if students at the sci tech school are showing strong science results; if ALA's did better than comparable schools; and how the district's new schools are doing- now that 11th grade results are in, have the new schools made progress in closing the achievement gap?

Questioner said...

All of this is very timely as the district considers closing still more schools- this time, Perry and Oliver- and forming a new school. What is the administration's track record with new schools and totally new programs? What has worked and what has not worked? Do we need more time to get it right?

Anonymous said...

All of this data use to broken down & posted on the PPS website. It was easily shown on a graph. Each school has it layed out under general information. Last yr they (PPS) started cherry picking one grade &subject for each school. They have become so brazen they just deleted it this year.

The central admin & board do not understand that they represent the community and they don't care enough to handle the truth.

Questioner said...

On another post Anonymous wrote

"Please check the PDE website for 11th Grade PSSA scores at each of our High Schools.

One of the new 6 to 12 schools has 11th grade Reading "proficiency" at 32% and Math "proficiency" at 22%.

I wonder how increasing the class sizes by "67%" will advance "proficiency" levels at this new school?

These students are 40 points BELOW the PA minimum target of 72% in Reading and 50 points BELOW the PA minimum target in Math. (Each of these targets will go up to 81% and 73% next year.)

These students are now in 12th grade NOW. How will these students be "promise ready" with achievement in Reading and Math 40 to 50 points BELOW the current minimum?

Schools have had ten years to meet the goals for student achievement. How will the Growth Model help these students be ready for the future in post secondary schools or careers?

PPS administration must be asked this question and held accountable for an answer."

- Anonymous, can you also indicate which school results you are referring to?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is easily done; however, I chose not to further the problems at the school. The deep problems at most of our high schools are being exacerbated by PPS Central Office decisions on a day-to-da, week-by-week and month-by-month basis for the past several years.

When schools are named in a negative manner it only further aggravates the situation and intensifies the backlash from Central Office.

Our High Schools are in deep trouble since the school mentioned is only one of many who are struggling horribly under this regime. To heap blame on students and teachers serves no one as they are not the cause of the problem believe it or not. These high schools could, should and would THRIVE under competent, caring, creative and resourceful leadership.

(The information/data for each school and each grade level is readily available on the PDE website.)