Friday, September 21, 2012

Lellock investigation

From the PG:

"Based on the fact that the city school district submitted memoranda of understanding with the Pittsburgh police in 2008 and 2011 with respect to child abuse reporting, it is unlikely that anything the investigation uncovers would implicate either current superintendent Linda Lane or Mr. Weiss."

Read more:   - This is a little hard to follow- why would a general memo in 2008 and 2011 about child abuse reporting mean that officials would not be implicated for what they may have done or failed to do before that time, or in connection with a specific situation?  And why isn't Mark Roosevelt mentioned?


Anonymous said...

The sentence about the memorandum made no sense to me either. And neither did this one:

School solicitor Ira Weiss declined to comment, citing ongoing investigations. "I can only tell you that when a full explanation of the circumstances comes out, and it will, I believe the actions of the school district will be evident," Mr. Weiss said.

Evident, huh? Something like ---i believe the actions of the school district will be judged as within the law---would have made sense, but "evident"?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another cover-up by Central Administration. What was destroyed or disappeared prior to city police and the DA investigation.

Anonymous said...

city police refused to sign the MOU due to many factors, (procedure etc..) therefore there was none. I don't blame them, they would only get called when a SWAT team was needed.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of memorandum, I thought all school officials, medical people etc, were REQUIRED to report any suspicion of child abuse. Do pediatricians have to have an MOU? The head of the District obviously does not give a damn, if she did she would fire everyone involved and resign.

This is so wrong, they can't be legally held responsible, I think we should make sure they are morally held responsible.

This is so tragically appauling.

Anonymous said...

-From the news article: "Based on the fact that the city school district submitted memoranda of understanding with the Pittsburgh police in 2008 and 2011 with respect to child abuse reporting, it is unlikely that anything the investigation uncovers would implicate either current superintendent Linda Lane or Mr. Weiss."

Why only 2008 and 2011? I misread as 2008-2011. Is this a typo?

Anonymous said...

Oh they will get lane too. Dont worry. She knows a whole lot and has sacrificed kids to further her career.Fazden said its only the tip of the Ice berg and it is. What till they start talking to people who worked directly with lane, youll see, Its just a matter of time. She is going to lawyer up in a minute you watch. Everyone is going to go for them self. This tight nit group is falling apart already. lane and Ira are not on good terms, and before we see Ira go down, lane will begging for help.

Marty Griffin is onto lane now. He have given her a pass all this time stroking her making her thing she was the greatest. Thats why he thought she would give him a exclusive interview or at least talk to him. But she stone walled him and embarassed him in front of his colleague and the press. That pissed him off. He is going to dig deep into her heels now. What about the cover up of sexual abuse in Westinghouse Academy. Lane did nothing about it. That investigation stoped out of thin air. Fazden knows all about that one as well.

Anonymous said...


September 21, 2012 6:52 PM

What about the cover up of sexual abuse in Westinghouse Academy?

Please let us as psrents know of this-I am concerned and worried for my children with all this enlightment of sexcual abuse.

Acutally scared.

Anonymous said...

Zangaro and Fadzen done the right moves in regards to the positon of taking the stance to rid or fire
Lellock. The article does not mention Lellock in his underwear with this incident report. Was this a press release for PPS PR to scramble egg this case? Refute evidence and investigation.

I hate to say this but the death of this poor victim in a motorcycle accident, Schrager, Fondy passed-are there many key people left-yes Weiss was around and many of our present Board members were voted in 1999 and Jean Fink had to be around??

The critical incident meeting of key players have a less chance to make it as back to the reality with this type of news article.

Zangaro cleared the air with reality -but are there more incidents at Rooney after Zangaro left as Principal?

No wonder Zangaro moved on to another job-he and Fadzen were on the same page. Both men morally and ethically dealt with this. Thus, they both caught the wrong side of the Board ADM.


Anonymous said...

What a very strange news story.

Anonymous said...

This district has done its best to squelch any type of scrutiny from the media and at the same time, tried to influence by a never-ending stream of "nice" stories, ranging from Gates to Promise to whatever.
Weiss's comments are typical lawyer-speak and indicative of a district that is circling the wagons. From reading this site, I have to believe that if even half the stories of the sexual grotesque and their resulting cover-ups are true, then a great deal of people were not only in on the decision to obfuscate the truth, but also need to be held accountable.
No reprimand will do, I'm afraid.
This is a school district and the best interests of children must be paramount at all times. That all of this dirt happened while individuals were on duty--at taxpayer expense--is sickening.
How can any parent feel good about sending their child to a school in this district?

Anonymous said...


September 21, 2012 9:06 PM

You forgot Gewn Elliot.

Chute's article was a PR show for people involved in this case.

Even Fadzen stated no comment-speak to his attorney-no comment from legal source.

This case sounds like it is finished becuase it is past dust.

We as parents will be seeing cheating as the next scandal with PPS.

No wonder they do not discipline the students-alreay you should hear the stories of student bad behavior that is evident in our schools.

Again, the Board so called stance of breaking up student disagreements or letting students know they should behave in schools-unimportant. They need to discipline the students and not look the other way.

A teacher breaks up fights and is reprimanded with severity or not on the right page of teaching lesson.

Sex abuse, cheating the second crime.

The sate is gravely serious about PPS and cheating on PSSA. Lane stated in previous articles there are no real infractions with the 19PPS people.

What is next?

Anonymous said...

If I know the Roosevelt playbook, it will look to divert attention from all of this somehow. Could it be with regards to the Tomalis insanity we are reading today? Who know? The playbook is pretty easy to read and counts on the fact that people are dolts who have no memory.
I say it doesn't work this time, not with Mr.Fazden being alienated by this district.
Lane has already tried the "I wasn't here...I wasn't aware" routine. Why do I envision PPS looking for a scapegoat here? John Thompson, perhaps? I hope not, as John was a truer leader than anything we've seen in the past 7 or 8 years. He was pro student, he was pro teacher. His priorities were right, if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

This story got quiet really fast...

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear Spolar, lane and Fischetti talk about how sorry they feel for Officer Lellock and his family, I want to throw up.

Lellock is the classic narcissist sexual predator. Lellock completely lacks any sort of empathy for his victims. You would think that educators would have empathy for the children they serve, they don't.

All three should be fired by the board, but the board won't. Its the same board who tried to take Fadzen's pension and voted 8-1 to fire the Chief for doing a legal traffic stop. Lellock takes kids out of class, and sexually molests the child in a closet. The board votes to protect his pension and votes 8-1 not to fire him and let him resign.