Friday, September 14, 2012

What is the definition of an effective teacher?

So, can anyone take a first shot at this question?


Ed said...

"What is the definition of an effective teacher?"

What is the definition of "great writer"?

What is the definition of "great painter"?

It is very difficult to answer such questions, except to say that you know one when you see one.

One thing is for sure. A simple checklist won't do the job.

Anonymous said...

This piece hits home, there is not one definition.

Written by a NYC teacher.

Come to a Meeting! The Latest Thing is Here!

Anonymous said...

I would never recommend that my child studies to be a teacher in this era. Politicians want them to be paid like maids and butlers....and parents see them as the problem.
I would however recommend my child study to be a school administrator. Higher pay, no need to be accountable and no classroom stress. Great life.
Or an educational researcher or test writer. There are millions to be made. But teaching? You must be joking.

Kathy Fine said...

As I read the often interesting and insightful, and also frustrated and cynical comments on this blog, I realize that we all share one common goal: cutting through the bureaucratic, political nightmare in our school district that serves only as an obstacle to a world class public school system.

Looking at the big picture, there is one major step that will jumpstart our journey to this goal; electing a thoughtful and effective school board that will set sound, measurable educational policy.

The are 5 seats up for reelection, those held by Jean Fink, District 7, Teresa Colaizzi, District 5, Thomas Sumpter, District 3, Sharene Shealy, District 1 and Skip McCrea, District 9, several of whom will not be running for another term. I am proposing forming a coalition of candidates for these seats that will form a common platform of sound educational policy and restore oversight and accountability to our district.

I am tasking each one of you to find sensible candidates that are dedicated to improving our schools and send them to me (I have a ton of experience with school board races and will help them navigate the election process).


Anonymous said...

There are several well qualified retired PPS administrators and teachers who would be excellent candidates to challenge existing Board Members. I'm not sure if any read these posts but just like Dr. Holley they would be able to ask the difficult questions and work toward positive solutions in increasing student achievement, closing the achievement gap, operating safe schools and set an employee tone of "We can do this together" instead of "We will do this better without you."