Monday, September 17, 2012

Lellock resigns


Questioner said...

PG article.

Anonymous said...

PPS is hoping this will stop the D.A.'s investigation and get them off the hook. I'll bet they bought Lelock out or else he'll start talking about how he kept his job this long.

Anonymous said...

Tribune Review reports that PPS knew in 1999 about Lellock and a student.

Obviously then they covered it up and now are just trying to make it seem like "new" info came out and they asked for a resignation. Look for Lellock to sue (or squeal) and the students to sue. More work for Weiss.

Anonymous said...

If he resigns then he is guilty - I am sick to my stomach!

Anonymous said...

He was probably given a choice to resign or be fired. They said he resigned to try to protect his pension. The other crime (besides his) committed was PPS covering this up in 1999 and allowing him to continue working - especially around our students. I wonder who down at Bellefield had his back and protected him?

Anonymous said...

The DA is taking this seriously. He is looking into finding criminal activity at the Administrative and board level. He is asking for anyone with information to contact his office.

He knows there was a cover up.

Anonymous said...

There is only one reason for the Board to want Lellock to resign as opposed to firing him and that is to protect Mark Roosevelt.

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher at CAPA. In 2009 to 2010 Lellock had a "special" room at CAPA. The staff complained and we were told to keep our mouths shut. A guard went to Chief Fadzen who checked dispatch logs and found Lellock was spending a lot of unauthorized time at CAPA. He was told to stop going to CAPA unauthorized.

Fadzen and the guards reward, they tried to fire the guard and Fadzen because the guard found a gun on a wanted felon trying to get into the school.

Fadzen later wanted to send the guard to the Police Academy, but was told "NO" because the guard shamed CAPA.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Which guard found the gun? How did the guard shame CAPA?

What was the "special" room for?

Anonymous said...

One of the guards stationed at CAPA. It was the Administration that thought he brought shame because he found the gun on the felon trying to come into the school. It put CAPA on the news.

As for the "special" room for Lellock, think about it. What do you think he would need a "special" room?

Anonymous said...

Lane and Fischetti keep saying they weren't around in 1999 for the first case about Lellock. But they were for Westinghouse, Carrick, CAPA, Allderdice and U-Prep and Spolar ran all the cover-up investigations, with legal support from current board solicitors.

They all should resign and hopefully Lellock will not be the only one in handcuffs.

Anonymous said...

I think the DA is very serious and angry at PPS. He doesn't seem the least but hesitant to go through PPS with a fine tooth comb. Roosevelt must have known something, we know Spolar did.

Anonymous said...

School solicitors Vicki Beatty, Gretchen Love, and Ira Weiss are probably nervous.

Anonymous said...

Who will they throw under the bus?

Anonymous said...

The Post Gazette article in the printed newspaper on 9-18-12 stated, "School Security Chief resigns after accusation."

Everybody thought the headline was wrong since the story was about Lellock.

The headline was absolutely correct since it was no secret that under Roosevelt, Lane and Fischetti's watch Lellock was the Chief and worked through the three to get whatever he wanted.

Anonymous said...

Test scores plummeting, staff can't tell the difference between math and reading scores, bed bugs in schools, teachers sleeping with students, (of age of course), school police molesting students, achievement gap still growing, and today I heard the best yet!

A school police officer in casual conversation told me the Superintendent's current police driver sponsors a yearly gun bash. Plenty of alcohol, guns, gambling and scantily clad ladies selling raffle tickets. The officer also sets up 'a donut room' with exotic dancers who for a price will have sex with the officers. So what's the big deal?
He staffs the room with school district students. He was written up for using students but HR decided since the girls were 18 years old and hired through an agency, the officer did nothing wrong and the attorneys for the district agreed.

Anonymous said...

Surely you are joking??

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that story wasn't planted as bait to see if it would make a blog post? Or could that have been an episode of Reno 911?

Anonymous said...

O ya the donut room ,if you want to know about the gun bash and tha donut room start at the top of the safety dept,the 2 in charge are big Sponcer's of that gun bash.

Anonymous said...


How can this be true?

Have they ALL gone over the edge?

Anonymous said...

Linda lane was very very comfortable with Lellock and infacted acted as if he was the only security person she could trust. When she left her note book in harrisburg with notes the talked about people in detail she paniced. And instead of allow the people in harrisburg to send it back. She sent her confidant Lellock to drive to harrisburg and get it. He probably read it too and has stuff on her. She is certainly coupable in this situation, and should be cuffed, fired and made to address why she allow some of this to happen under her watch. THis is some foul funky low down dirty stuff.

Anonymous said...

What is the number to the DA office and which DA should be talked to specifically, and are they obligated to keep the conversations confidential?

Questioner said...

Come on 8:26, the fact that lellock retrieved a notebook for Linda Lane does not make her culpable of anything. Can we have a serious discussion?

Anonymous said...

Allegheny County District Attorney's office 412-350-4400. Just tell them to read Pure Reform blogs.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk seriously! If half of what is being said here is true, it's still pretty bad. And isn't it true that Lane has been with the district for the past 6 years? And isn't it true that being in a position of superintendent and deputy superintendent under MR that this also was under her and his watch?
Accountability for everyone but her?

Questioner said...

That's better, it provides real issues to discuss. Re: being with the district for 6 years, is there any indication that anything happened during those 6 years that was called to her attention? Or that she knew that events from more than 6 years ago had not been adequately investigated?

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, yes a lot of things happened during the past 6 years. Let take for example of the Carrick teacher/student affair. It was determined that the student was of age. According to what the DA stated in his news interview with Marty Griffin regarding Lellock, wasn't the teacher the person in authority, didn't she use her power over the student.

The entire school knew about it. They held hands coming through the metal detector. The guard reported it to the principal and then was threatened dismissal if he talked to his supervisor.

But the district determined it was okay. Why? It is investigated and covered up to suit the image of the district. Just an example of things that go on day to day in the district.

Where's the justice in all of this?
They do what they want, nobody is accountable for the things that go on. It's all about image!

What about the children, and they are children. What are they really teaching them?

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling this may become national news due to the severity and the proximity to Penn State.

Anonymous said...

So Questioner, you think it's just a coincidence that Lane just happened to pick Lellock to retrieve that notebook from Harrisburg?

I have no personal knowledge of this incident, but I think it's very odd that Lellock, of all people, is the one sent on that mission.

I'm not accusing anyone of anything. But I've got to wonder. Since when is a certified police officer necessary to pick up a notebook?

Questioner said...

It is worth asking questions but unreasonable to jump to handcuffs and firing.

Anonymous said...

Please. There have always been "real issues to discuss" if you are paying attention for the right reasons, and there are some who do.

As bad as all of this is (and it is bad)it is only one small symptom of the damage that is being done to Pittsburgh's children in a system that is clearly, very clearly, NOT providing and EDUCATION for the majority, and only a very slim few of African American children.

Too many of PPS Administration has a purely selfish,self-aggrandizing, self-protective, professional and personal agenda.

How to better/best educate kids is all too rarely even mentioned, except in very vague, very general, very broad and too often negative terms that MISS all of the SPECIFICS about EDUCATING our children for successful futures.

Is anyone in leadership positions responsible for anything in PPS for the last six years?

Anonymous said...

Covering up known sexual abuse is a pretty huge deal! I don't feel confident sending my children there if this is true.

Anonymous said...

Questioner, you said "It is worth asking questions but unreasonable to jump to handcuffs and firing."

I certainly agree with you about the handcuffs part (so far). But it's not unreasonable to discuss firing.

The fact that Lellock resigned speaks volumes. This is not just an idle rumor situation.

If Lane does not have the decency to resign, should she be fired? Yes.

"The buck stops here", as Harry Truman famously said.

Anonymous said...

Security, count every day how many times mobile stops at the school to walk it. NONE

Anonymous said...

Regarding the so called "donut room" and "gun bash" officers hiring 18 year old students from an agency, and the situation at Carrick (teacher and an 18 year old student)----supposedly HR and the district's attorneys decided nothing was wrong with this???? If this is true -
If nothing else these situations are completely against school moral ethics. Staff shouldn't mix with students in inappropriate situations - especially where sex is involved. How could HR and the attorneys not address this in some way? It isn't like this behavior was in private where no one would find out. This behavior was open and out there for all eyes and ears. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to hear some good news. Does the Board still begin televised meetings with a report of something good? I don't remember hearing one for a while.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
The Post Gazette article in the printed newspaper on 9-18-12 stated, "School Security Chief resigns after accusation."

Everybody thought the headline was wrong since the story was about Lellock.

The headline was absolutely correct since it was no secret that under Roosevelt, Lane and Fischetti's watch Lellock was the Chief and worked through the three to get whatever he wanted.

September 18, 2012 4:36 PM"

Wait.. He was PROMOTED by Lane?

Anonymous said...

The question is who was Fadzen's boss when all this was going on? If Fadzen was dealing with it, who exactly was stone walling him and allowing these behaviors to continue? What was the chain of command?

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
The question is who was Fadzen's boss when all this was going on? If Fadzen was dealing with it, who exactly was stone walling him and allowing these behaviors to continue? What was the chain of command?

September 19, 2012 12:34 PM"

I disagree, it starts and the top and everyone in that chain is responsible, otherwise this could happen again. Did the Chancelor among others keep their jobs at Penn State? I will be outraged if this administration is given a pass.

Anonymous said...

USA swimming just banned a male coach for a sexual relationship with a 13 year old swimmer years ago. The coach paid her off to keep quiet then.

''Similar to Penn State immediately moving to rid itself of those who knew and did nothing, we are not going to stop until the same is done at USA Swimming, starting with Mr. Wielgus,'' the attorney said. He also called for the firing of technical vice president David Berkoff, saying he ''has admitted to knowing all about Mr. Curl going back to the early 1990s and failed to take effective action to protect young swimmers.''

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the USA swimming story.

Anonymous said...

KDKA news:

Showing Lellock cuffed and being arrested.

Anonymous said...

KDKA-TV just now showed Lellock being arrested with handcuffs and being hauled off to jail!

Anonymous said...

Lellock charged with over 20 counts including deviate sexual assault, illegal restraint, among others. He is accused of assaulting 4 students. Marty Griffin reported that the investigation isn't over. Police are investigating documents from school district headquarters to see if there was a failure on their part to take action.

Anonymous said...

They have asrrested Lelock this afternoon and is in police coustody.

The DA served the criminal xharges as counts against himm with PPS. One count was as recent as 2005.

The DA will be looking at the PPS ADM if any indictments should be issued.

It is being reported on local news at 5PM-prior to Agenda Board meeting and approving his resignation.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the ARREST of Robert Lellock.

This is unimaginable, wrenching, and deeply, deeply disturbing.

What are moral, ethical, spiritual, psychological, and/or philosophical values of PPS administrators?

How could this have gone on for over ten years?

Have mercy on the children!

Questioner said...

PG article on this topic:

Questioner said...

Tribune article:

Anonymous said...

I just now saw the arrest on the news. I attended many, many parent meetings at several different sites during Mr. Roosevelt's time as superintendent and the man on the news is not the guy I recall as his driver. I recall a MIKE being his driver most often and that dring the last 12-18 months he worked here Mr. Roosevelt drove himself. Don't know the make and model, but his car was a small station wagon, very New England, I would say. I offer this info only as a way to quell the firestorm on the way. It is best to wait and watch the investigation unfold.

Anonymous said...

Leelock's arrest, coupled with the stories on this blog about CAPA, Carrick, and the gun club/donut room, (if all true) demonstrate that PPS is and has been operating in an immoral vacuum. Someone(s) at the top need to go. These aren't isolated incidents.

Instead of the Board meeting tonight to accept Leelock's resignation, they should be meeting alone, (without Lane and Co.) outraged and determined to find out and fire who allowed this man to continue to work in our school system. That is if they had any power and guts. We know they have no power, but show some guts for once!

Anonymous said...

Lelock is now sitting and locked up in the Allegheny County jail-will a person pay his bond and he be released???

Is this another version of the horrible Sandusky Trial?

The poor victims and the trust system he abused as a cop.

He should have been fired.

Robbing a bamk is nowhere near as devestating as his criminal charges.

Anonymous said...

Leelock cared for 2 young foster children according to the media.

Anonymous said...

"I just now saw the arrest on the news. I attended many, many parent meetings at several different sites during Mr. Roosevelt's time as superintendent and the man on the news is not the guy I recall as his driver. I recall a MIKE being his driver most often and that dring the last 12-18 months he worked here Mr. Roosevelt drove himself. Don't know the make and model, but his car was a small station wagon, very New England, I would say. I offer this info only as a way to quell the firestorm on the way. It is best to wait and watch the investigation unfold.

September 19, 2012 6:34 PM"

I don't understand what firestorm regarding Roosevelt you are trying to quell. It is common knowledge he was the personal driver/bodyguard of Roosevelt and drove him in a pittsburgh school police truck. I am sure the superintendent had his own vehicle but I don't recall EVER seeing him drive himself anywhere. Even if he did on occassion, what is your point? The DA took tons of records from central office, I am confident the right people will be held accountable for either failing to report this or covering it up.

Anonymous said...

They should reinstate fazden for telling the truth and for not trying to cover this up,he is sadly missed.

Anonymous said...

Linda Lane, Lisa Fischetti and Ebony Pugh states that there wasn't any 'special' relationship between Lellock and Roosevelt. Are you aware that Roosevelt testified what a person of good character Lellock was twice at Lellock's custody hearings?

Anonymous said...

The person in charge of safety now is another 1 they should be looking at she was the commander in charge in 2005 of 1 of the chargers .I heard from a little bird that she knew what was going on and never reported it to fadzen or anybody else for that matter.I

Anonymous said...

OMG! Now we know how Penn State students and alumni felt! And it's just beginning. What else is going to crawl out of the woodwork?

Anonymous said...

When Roosevelt was here he hired consultants and they created the Andrews Report. They didn't like what it said and had the consultants edit it. The administration never released it. WHY? I'm sure the district spent good money on it. Why wasn't it release? What's in that report that they won't release it?

Anonymous said...

"Linda Lane, Lisa Fischetti and Ebony Pugh states that there wasn't any 'special' relationship between Lellock and Roosevelt. Are you aware that Roosevelt testified what a person of good character Lellock was twice at Lellock's custody hearings?

September 19, 2012 7:59 PM"

Scary what our "leaders" consider what constitutes good character. MR actually helped Lellock get Foster children? He read his employee file, WTF is wrong with him?

PPS is guilty of the biggest infraction a school district can commit. They did not put safety and security first and let a known predator continue to work with easy access to children and reoffend multiple times. Sexual offenders don't just quit.

Anonymous said...

Relative to the PG report on the Lellock criminal charges and the PPS Board vote on his the acceptance of his "resignation".

Mr. Brentley asked Mr. Weiss what a Yes or No vote meant. It was explained that a Yes vote meant that the Board was approving his "resignation" as opposed to "termination" the alternate choice.

Seven Board members voted Yes to the "resignation.'

Mr. Brentley alone voted "No" thus, favoring the alternative which was "termination."


Enough said?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the explanation regarding Brentley! WAIT..He was the only one? People including Fazon were fired without commiting horrific crimes? My school board member Collazzi is OK with ths?

Anonymous said...

As I read this article, was there fear to charge this man because of his gender preference of a same-sex partner, which meant he is gay?

The fear of prosecuting a known gay man. Sounds absurb-but he meeded help aand should have sought the mental help after the first criminal incident in 1998. To figure out his sexual stability.

Is this the underlining theme of fear from the fact he criminally done wrong things.

This is a very sad story which unfortunately tarnishes the good of the GLAD movement and same-sex partners that adopt foster children.

The poor victims-oh this is very sad and the circumstances surrounding this hurts the victims to keep going back.

Sex and drugs were weapons here by a former PPS cop.

Anonymous said...

Being gay has nothing to do with him being a child sexual preditor. Most sexual preditors are straight men and abuse boys too. It is incurable, despicable and inexcusable. This has nothing to do with Lellock's sexual orientation. He is a pedophile. It is about abuse, power and ruining children's lives while his employer looked the other way.

All PPS had to do 10+ years ago was contact the police and it would have been investigated properly. He would have been in jail for a period of time and would be a registered sex offender. They kept this in house and that
is against the law. They are required to report any claims of pssible child abuse. I don't believe the superintendents had ZERO knowledge of this and Lane needs to stop playing the "I wasn't here" act. HE has an employee file! She must have at least read it when she was promoting him. They willfully allowed children to be abused under their watch because they were afraid of bad press and blinded by their hatred of Fazden. Sadly more kids will come forward and I won't be shocked to see current coverups.(I hope I don't) No excuse for this. PPS has gotten a pass from the media, Marty Griffin is doing a great job. He could have another big story if he looked into the corruption, number of (very high paid) central admin staff and how much budget money they are using on unauthorized programs.

Anonymous said...

Lane, Spolar, and Fischetti have bullied many an employee into resigning. In light of the Lellock matter, they need to do the honorable thing here and resign themselves.

Anonymous said...

The School District needs to do what the Cyber Charter Schools did yesterday, force the resignations of the hierarchy and the lawyers too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, amen amen. There are eight board members that need to go too!

Anonymous said...

1 MILLION dollar bond? The DA is serious! Is it just me, or is that high?

Anonymous said...

Most sexual preditors are straight men and abuse boys too. from ANON 2:30

Right there is a bad comment as him being gay in your eyes and the fear the Board had in firing him many years ago.

There had to be FEAR at the Board of Lellock a gay man as a pedofile.

Fadzen done the right stuff-but for some reason their was a person at the Board that totslly ignored stood by Lellock's side and kept him on at his post when he should have been fired and the victims sought help.

Why in 1998 was he not fired stated the DA in the newspaper!

I would like a time machine of this criminal offense.

In societyy at that yime gays were acquiring equal rights in society.

A pedophile no matter is a crime-but is they use your quoted opinion a gay pedophile is not the norm.

OK-time machine back to 1998-99
Principal at Ronney-- Mr. Zangaro

Head of HR employee Rrelations- Lee Nichlos
Sploar had an HR title but nothing like the power of Nicholos
PFT President- Al Fondy.
PFT HR Rep---Sherman Schrager
Interim Super-Faison
Now name the Board President-Jean Fink or Darlene Harris?

There will or will not be a coverup here because who has political power with the DA to pursue?

This DA is his own man-Mr. Zappalla.

Anonymous said...

I am assuming I am 2:30, I posted at 3:32.

I am confused. I don't care if he is gay, his sexal orientation does not factor into this..that was my point. I was addressing anon 10:11. Who in their right mind would think, we can't fire a gay person who is molesting children because we will get sued? That makes ZERO sense.

I hope he goes to jail along with the people that covered this up.

Anonymous said...

The DA said previously that Lee Nicklos called it a "critical incident." Fadzen called for him to be fired, but Spolar gave him the 20 day suspension. DA has the documents. The question is how did Spolar seemingly overide Nicklos? Critical incidents are heard by several people. So, who sat on that critical incident hearing? Someone had to write up the decision if they bothered to have a hearing. Someone had to have had Lellock's back way back then. Who and why?

Supposedly Pgh. Police Gwen Elliot investigated and parents didn't want to pursue it. Sounds like someone got to the parents. There should be paperwork on her investigation too.

Anonymous said...

Again, what were the reasons not to fire Lellock in 1999?

Who does he know to protect him from firing and his personal circumstances that apparently supercede former Cheif Fazden's recommendations.

There had to be FEAR at the Board for a coverup for a reason to keep Lellock-no mention of firing ffrom his as an option.

As in Penn State, the victims were ignored except in this case the former Cheif Fadzen made recommendations.

Opinions and prestige, monetary wealth of educators was rising and morals in the late 90's were veery much in the news. The trends were changing were the middle class was moving in varied directions and education was finally getting hit by the words TESTING.

When were criminal background checks introduced as requirements for PA educators-I mean all 3 checks?

1999 was a very big year at the Board were many educators and ADM were getting the last great bonuses to retire with amazing benefits.

Yet, this case was entwined with something else and a grave crime-but did the mainstream know about it? Did the average teacher know about it? Was this out there for public to know?

And we have the Rooney family for the school name=it was recently dedicated at that time.

There are politics and limited shame behind all this for Lellock to have kept his job.

A gay pedofile-would this have hurt PPS at that time or did we have the shame factor or poltical pull?

The only person left from that area of 1999 is Spolar.

But, from the looks of the venue a lot has hit in promotions for Lellock to other jobs away from students as a driver, etc. over the rest of years as a PPS employess thus the Board protected the srudents from him.

Remember this incident happened with Lellock sround the same time as Sandusky's crimes were committed-look how it was handled there at PSU.

This is a societal issue from 1999-the coverup and nothing was wrong with the crime in the eyes of educational ADM.

I hope the DA keeps this going and the PP Police hand oot indictmentts to all the living remains of that era.

A lot of private attorneys will be making money here.

But, the porr victims that ahve to rlive this.

Many feel this will be covered up in a few weeks with no media coverage.

Anonymous said...

In 1999 at this time of the Lellock's incidents Columbine happened and other mass shootings in public schools across the US
that spring.

When it finally reported in the Tribune Review 90 days later in July 1999 with -the news media was absorbed with the tragic death of JFK JR.

As for Lellock why was his uniform off to wrestle.

And did the Principal allowe him back into Rooney to be employed as an PPS officer?

Where are supeonas aand to dead people that cannot testify Gwen Elliot and Sherman Shrager?

Why was this delayed?

The student brought a knifr to school to protect himself-and it was at the time of Columbine.

This was a clean under the carpet let this settle as dirt.

Zangaro left the district-his aunt was Annis on the school Board.

Many political connections of embarrassment to cover this up for Pncipal Zangaro and Annis

Anonymous said...

As read today's Post gazette Article with the Million Dollar bail. Lellck will have a mental evaluation-thus he will claiim himself mentally incompetent
boderline "nuts" as many would state silently.

He is off the hook and in jail and cannot stnd trial because of his mental state.

Case will be closed-he is behind bars or will this case go on with his mental state with the "whys"-Gwen Elliott gave the correct answer. It was too late at that time.

Will the DA and Pittsburgh Police wish to pursue a mental case?

Or will they address the handling of Leelock's case and the victims?

Will the board ADM be liable?

Likely Lellock will be committed for mental issues or not?

What is the best answer to save the Bosrd snd Lellock is what people are seeing.

But, people are more concerned about the victims and their lives-no mention of helping them.

Anonymous said...

I dont agree that it was too late--victims can always be helped. Even if the parents didnt want to pursue it-- pps could have pursued the whole "inappropriate behavior" aspect. He was still working with students up until the driving job. Any memos that say- you cant go to the police about criminal activity is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:22

The Pittsburgh Public Schools have a long-standing policy: employees are not to call the city police under any circumstances. All safety issues must be routed through the school police.

This is done to control the case, of course. When the school police are investigating something, it can all be hushed up. When the city police are investigating, it's a different story.

That having been said, I know of good PPS people who have called the city police anyway. Those good people were warned: don't do that again.

Anonymous said...

The Security Guard at CAPA was and is Roberts

Anonymous said...

If the Board Members have any conscious, they will bring back Chief Fadzen. He was and is the only credible employee who has always acted in behalf of the children and supported safe schools. The Chief did not believe in "cover ups!"

The superintendent and other educational administrators need to be responsible for the education of our children but the superintendent nor any Board Member should never exercise any authority over the Chief of Safety. Laws need to be enforced and consequences given when laws are broken. Instead, PPS administrators during the time of Roosevelt "covered up" any negative publicity and this practice continues through the Lane administration.

Now we even have PELA Administrators who have been brainwashed into not enforcing the Code of Conduct for students because too many students will be suspended or prosecuted through local magistrates or the Juvenile Court Justice System. They all pretend that life is swell in the Merry, Merry Land of OZ!

Anonymous said...

I give credit to Marty Griffin for refuting Dr.Lane's denial of knowledge of Fazden's documents. He corrected her and her response was, "Well, we are not aware of such documents."

What we are seeing is a classic circling of the wagons here. This entire inner circle of administrators ALL need to do the "honorable thing" and resign IMMEDIATELY.
Between this story, the alleged tape of lewdness that is well known and the incidents noted here, it is apparent that we have an administration that has prioritized firing teachers over illusionary RISE points, and nothing else.

Clearly, this is a shocking lack of supervision of its own. To restore public confidence, all top administrators need to submit their letters of resignation.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another kid came forward, If it is a kid fron CAPA as anon 9/18 8:57 stated all hell will break loose.

This is simply heartbreaking.

I am not giving Lane a pass, but Marty Griffin is really abrasive and rude.

Anonymous said...

Victim #5 is reported to have come forward according to the wpxi report above.

As to 5:57PM - Marty Griffin may be abrasive and rude and you probably would be too if you had someone continuously lying to you.
The district turned over the documents that she lied about.

Anonymous said...

Marty Griffin is abrasive and rude?

Maybe, but that's the only way anyone will get any real information from the PPS administration!

Three cheers for Marty Griffin!

Anonymous said...

Marty Griffen is doing a wonderful job going after the facts. These victims need a voice and someone on their side. They do not deserve another PPS cover-up with a PR job. Those in Central Administration who are responsible for covering up the truth are just as guilty as Leelock. This starts at the top with Dr Lane who had/has access to records. It's time for the entire truth to come out and for there to be accountability at Central administration. Especially from an administration that preaches accountability to their teachers and school level administrators.

Anonymous said...

What tape of lewdness?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Mt. Washington Community Development Corporation is looking for a new Executive Director?

Anonymous said...

Chief Fadzen needs to be reinstated, CAPA's Roberts should be promoted to Police for everything they do for our children. Everyone from Lane on down including board members who have prior knowledge need to step down for continuously firing and passing over the good ones and rewarding low life's like this lelock character!!!

Questioner said...

A description of the lewd tape was submitted but for purposes of this blog we don't need details, the poster did say it involved central administration.

Anonymous said...

Questioner, when too many details are omitted imaginations run wild. Let me fill in a few blanks.

I will not name the person involved in the tape incident, because if the allegations are false, that person would be unfairly harmed.

Neither will I decribe the lewd act itself, because the specifics are really not that important. Lewd is lewd.

It is alleged that certain high level PPS administrator engaged in a lewd act at a bar while on a PPS-related trip. And that act was caught on tape.

To my knowledge, the act was not, in itself, criminal in nature.

If a cop were present, I suppose the cop would probably just tell everyone involved to settle down as they were in a public place.

It's like as if a PPS administrator were taped being loud and drunk in public. This would show a lack of judgment, and it would make the PPS look very bad.

Such behavior would deserve a reprimand. But it would not be criminal.

Disclaimer: I have not seen the tape myself. My comments are based on reliable sources that I have talked to.

Anonymous said...

Advice for top Administrator.

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You first have to recognize the enemies. They may be right beside you. The people you trust should not be trusted, but yet you do. Sometimes you have to get off the ride to stop the spinning.

Anonymous said...

For ANON September 20, 2012 7:52 PM

Christopher Beichner, who has been named the new Executive Director of the Allegheny Land Trust. He will begin at ALT on September 17, 2012.

Since 2008, Chris has been Executive Director of the MWCDC, Mount Washington Community Development Corporation, where he has written the organization’s new five year strategic plan

Is this pertinent to this blog entry of a totally different subject matter?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "tape", you are incorrect. There are TWO top-ranking administrators involved, purportedly. The galling note that you omitted is that they were at a PELA seminar in New Orleans...on company time and at taxpayer expense.

Look, let's stop giving these people a free pass. What we are reading is grotesque, whether it is the security guard, the administrator or the teachers. We are in the business of safeguarding children. Period. There should be zero tolerance where one's professional approach is concerned. If you are on company time, then your job is to keep the child's safety and welfare at heart. To a greater degree, those in charge must walk the walk, too.

What we are seeing is an incredible absence of moral and ethical character. This simply cannot be tolerated.

Yes, the top leaders of central administration need to resign for allowing all of this, and immediately.

Anonymous said...

This thread is too ling and I feel like I am reading code!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:14

Two people involved on that lewd tape, or one, it does not matter all that much. That's why I did not make that distinction.

But you did notice that I said "on a PPS-related trip", didn't you?

And I'm not giving anyone a free pass! From my post: "Such behavior would deserve a reprimand."

And please know this. There is a huge difference between immoral conduct and criminal conduct.

I would not call for the resignation of any person based on a moral lapse. Such a lapse calls for censure, not the loss of that person's livelihood!

I would call for a resignation if a criminal act was committed. But this simply was not a criminal act.

Please do not let your (understandable) dislike of these people get in the way of common sense.

Anonymous said...

Tonight September 20, 2012 from 6-7PM KDKA radio talk show host took the hour with dedication to the Lellock arrest, former Chief Fadzen’s interview with Marty Griffin and Dr. Lane’s response to Griffin’s questions. It was very impressive and insightful. It turned my drive home from work as an educational hooray for Marty. It is about time the media stop reporting a story and I nvestigate a story.

The vocabulary word disclosure needs to be defined as Fazden’s interpretation and not PPS ADM.
Why he appeared rude-he reworded the question for understanding-the documents are with the police-it was a way to let Lane understand Griffin and police have read them. Lane maybe was taken back by the question repeatedly bring asked to her for an answer.

This is a very sad story for the victims-and yet ANOTHER STUDENT A Fifth one has come forward.

Sandusky case is the Lellock case.

They should place Sandusky and Lellock in the same cellblock as roomies in prison.

Or have them sit in the cell block with Popolaraski in the County jail-maybe they will get the lesson taught to them.

As a PSU graduate-there is and old song-by Pink Floyd that was sung to Sandusky loud and for 12 hours straight from his cell mates in jail. “Sandusky s leave those kids alone / Hey Sandusky! leave those kids alone! / All in all you're just another brick in the cell wall. / All in all you're just another brick in the cell wall

Anonymous said...

Yes, rumor on the street indicates that the incident did occur in New Orleans with Central Office Admins and 2010-2011 PELA candidates. It does matter because these folks were on the taxpayer’s dime and these same folks are now in charge of various schools. These are the same folks who are in charge of rating teacher performance yet engage in behaviors unbecoming of a school leader.

It is also the right of the public to have the Anderson report made public. When public dollars are spent, we have a right to know.

It's amazing how teacher performance is now being evaluated by their students through surveys and those ratings are a part of the teacher evaluation process. Central Office performance used to be evaluated by School/PSCC teams but when the Roosevelt era survey results were so poor, Central Office never reported the results to the schools or public and canceled any such future surveys. So the question is, If surveys are a good tool to measure the performance of a teacher, why then is a survey that measures Central Office Department performance NOT used as a tool to evaluate the performance of Central Office Administrators? Oh yeah, these folks automatically get a $15,000 bonus every year because their performance is 100% effective according to Dr. Lane.

Let's see how Lane, French, Poncelet, Otuwa, and May-Stein can spin this. Speaking of protecting your own, why are we paying Rudiak who no longer has one school to supervise because she'll be retiring mid year? What exactly is she doing to command a salary of $130,000? Rudiak’s salary could add one teacher and a para to a school. Then again just like Big Business PPS is in the business of keeping those at the top employed and those at the bottom are asked to do more with less. Give Me A Break!

Anonymous said...

Its called the Andrews report, not Anderson report. And the DA needs to see the first and second draft before Roosevelt had them change it. I beleive the first draft, says the chief and his police are doing a great job and need more resources to do a even better job. This upset Fischetti, who wanted to use this report to fire Fadzen and so did Roosevelt.
The chief was called from his hospital bed to be question by the Andrews team. Also the Da, city of pgh police chief and other high level law enforcement employees were interview. They all supported the Fadzen and PPS security and said they all needed to work together. This anger Fischetti and Roosevelt.

The report says the superintedent, Adminstrators or his designee ie Linda Lane needed to stay out of police matters and let the PPS police do its job. It stated that the policy that Fadzen had to report to a civlian adminstrator before he went to the City Police for help or DA's office was ludicris and hurt people in need of police intervention. Roosevelt and Fischetti did this so they could stop police actions from going forward because the civilian admistrator had to report to Roosevelt.
This caused delayed justice for some injured kids or staff. ITs a bad policy and linda lane up held it.

Roosevelt,Fischetti, lane and IRA were not happy with the report and wanted to use the report to fire Fadzen but it back fired. It supported Fadzen and his staff. Therefore Roosevelt had the Andrews report changed 3 times to satisfied his needs and attempt to paint Fadzen as a incompetant but Andrews would not do it but he watered it down.

The athorization of a safety study by Andrews was never approved by the board for payment of the work. Fischetti snuck the report around the board by saying it was an investigation of Fadzen being conducted by IRAs office. But it was not, niether was it approved by board. Therefore money was spend without authorization. Look to see whose name signed for the report, I bet the signature was forged. Criminal, fraud!

Mark Brentley asked for a copy of the report in may of 2011 and IRA said in a board meeting on record at Resenstien that he could not have it becauue it was not done yet. A lie! He did not want to produced it because he knows what it revealed. Regina Holey asked for a copy of the Report in july 2012 and she was told she was not allowed to have a copy of the report. Why? What are they hiding.

I belive the report will shed light on the Adminstrations attempt to cover up criminal investigation to protect the imagin and interest of of PPS at the expense of the kids. Linda lane is well aware of whats in the report and is afraid for it to come out because she subscibes to the same tactics. The tactics that has hurt our kids by covering up and hampering our pps Police to do there jobs.

Finally the reports talks about a policy that PPS has that says the the police can not list items like weapons in the report because it would hurt the imagin district and creates problems under NCLB. For example police are told to lie and not say that a gun or a weapom was found in a school or on a kid. They were told to reword such. Fadzen refused to do that or disipline an officer for doing the right thing. Linda lane is well aware of this and refused to change policies. She has hurt our district and our kids tremendously and is about to get the shock of her life when she gets called on the carpet for failing to report crimes involving kids. She is as a manditory reporter and cover up artist. Time for her to go.

Anonymous said...

Reprimand? That's ridiculous and yes, you are giving a free pass. Reprimand is in order if you work for a corporation.

These are people who make decisions for the best interests of children! What are you talking about?

Resignations are in order for this inner circle. Immediately. You are being too kind and forgetting the incredible responsibility that comes with the territory. No matter how Roosevelt and Lane want to make this district appear corporate, it is an public industry that must have integrity and morality.

It's disturbing that you would think a reprimand is in order. The cavalier attitude of the people at the top of the chain make it clear they feel no responsibility to children and families. Stop being an apologist.

All of those people noted on this thread---if corroborated---need to resign or be terminated.
Let's put some people in charge who truly care about kids and understand ethics. Let's put some people in charge who know how to build a team, instead of knowing how to target teachers and form excuses for their own.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with these people? Lane states on camera she wasn't here 13 years ago, but she's been here the last 6. And according to the post about the Andrews report above, she is very much a part of what's wrong with the system. What we need is a clean slate. Get rid of the top people like the cyber charter schools did.

Anonymous said...

Tragically, the patterns of behavior by central office administrators that are being shared on this blog extend far beyond the current issues.

The PA Department of Education official review of PPS educational data/practice/conditions in five key areas was conducted in 2006. An official report was written and submitted, but sent back to PDE three times by the Roosevelt Administration to be altered to match the Rand review which PPS paid substantial amounts to have written in favor of PPS educational practice.

How could this happen? Why would PDE agree to change official reports? Who knows? Politics? Whatever the influence at high levels, the results have been disastrous for Pittsburgh's children. (These are facts, not opinions or spurious rumors.)

Parents, communities, Pittsburgh citizens must get a grip on this immediately. Such flagrantly ruinous PATTERNS of behavior MUST STOP!

Anonymous said...

We need more board members like Brentley and Holley. Please vote the others up for re-election out. Back in the day....the board members actually ran the district and told the administration what to do - not vice versa like it is today.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, Board members do not know enough to run a District. That is why those with the credentials, experience, knowledge, integrity, insight, vision, and proven leadership abilities must be recruited to execute the professional responsibilities for taking an urban school district to success by any standard. It can be done. It is being done. And, there are people who are ready for that challenge.

The Board is place to monitor the process, the progress, the productivity, and the success of those HIRED to get the job done.

They are NOT there to "rubber stamp" and applaud the P.R. spin that is rolled out by those not equipped to get real results in "Equity and Excellence for ALL" of our children.

We need good, honest, intelligent, insightful, committed, resourceful folks whose only PURPOSE is the highest quality of Pre-K-12 education for Pittsburgh's children.

And, YES, Dr. Holley and Mr. Brentley are exemplary models for those who aspire to taking on the challenge of education for PPS children.

Anonymous said...

All right, maybe to not run a district, but at least to comprehend what is going on and speak out. We have puppets.

Anonymous said...

When Roosevelt came in the Board members were flown to retreats/conferences were they were wined and dined by the Broad foundation. This was published on one Eli Broad's Foundations website back a few years ago. I think our Board or soon to be Board of Directors went to Norther California on the Broad Foudations dime?

Smelled Fishy from the get go

Anonymous said...

Anon8:42 wtf roberts needs to be promoted to police ,this guy grabbed the man with the gun outside of capa and dragged him In to the school with all those children inside .That is the real story .the suspect was leaving the building.He should have been fired .I was there and I know the truth.

Anonymous said...

"Anon8:42 wtf roberts needs to be promoted to police ,this guy grabbed the man with the gun outside of capa and dragged him In to the school with all those children inside .That is the real story .the suspect was leaving the building.He should have been fired .I was there and I know the truth." Tisk Tisk Tisk on you Anon8:42 its funny how peoples animosity toward others has them venting out there problems anonymously on a blog that I happen to know that my dear friend Roberts doesn't even look at. I can also guarantee that whatever problem you believe that you have with him is one sided, you haven't addressed it with him, and he is undeserving of your slanderous attacks. If I had read the title to this bog entry correctly it was about a Robert Lellock you guys need to stay on topic and stop trying to mislead the public with blatant lies. If you feel that I may have read to much into your statement then state the facts with your real name and inform Roberts about your so called claims. Let's see how that works out for you

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: officer Roberts apprehends someone who likely wanted to do harm, and he is slammed for it?
I get a little tired of people who slam our officers and I have been a teacher for almost three decades who does intervene in fights, etc., and always finds that a PPS policeman/security guard "has my back" when fellow teachers have done nothing. Stick to topic and try to think beyond what PPS admin would have you believe. Good God, it's a sorry day when we criticize someone for doing the right thing in the heat of the moment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:07 .Protocall is lock down not lock in .He should have been fired ,sorry if you disagree .

Anonymous said...

He likely saved others from being injured and probably ensured that the actor would not return another day. Disagree? I love tunnel vision thinking here. The man should be saluted, not hurled insults.

Anonymous said...

You are not saving anybody by bringing harm to them,what would you say if the man would have hurt him and ran up stairs up capa and hurt the students ,would you call him a hero . He dragged the man in the building and it's should be investigated

Anonymous said...

The CAPA gun case was investigated and successfully prosecuted by the District Attorney's office. Roberts was the star witness.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:51 I am curious to know in what capacity were you there? Did you help the situation? Better yet what would you have done differently in the same exact situation?

Anonymous said...

I was standing three feet away when she said it and I couldn't believe it. Then I read it in the paper and said Mrs. Fink is either dumb or getting senile. She said the Board knew nothing about Lellock and the kid in the closet. They thought there was nothing to it.

They knew nothing because Spolar did what she always does, if you're liked she finds a way to clear you, if you're not liked, out you go.

I don't know how Spolar sleeps at night. These were 10 and 11 years old children. You'd hope their cries of pain and anguish would keep her up at night.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it happened to Fink or Spolar's children if it would have been covered up?

Anonymous said...

It was no secret that Lellock was a monster. And when he was partners with Roosevelt he has a monster on steroids.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's right School District employees commenting on these blogs. The ONLY people who should be allowed to comment on these blogs are Ebony Pugh and Lisa Fischetti, it's their job.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened to freedom of speech?

Anonymous said...

The PR department gets paid to write spin on a community blog?

Only they can post? Where is that rule?

Anonymous said...

They need to clean house in the safety department starting with the acting chief and the commander in charge. They were there when lellock was doing the things he did to those children and really don't know how to run the safety department .As a parent I want my children to be safe,the securiity at my child's high school do a good job ,but it's the police I worrie about .Yes I work for the distric and I travel to diffrenent high schools,the police officers are un professional and lack higyne,and are very rude.One officer question my daughter about her dress and she said it was new and just got it he said it looks nice on you,I called the the safety dept and the person in charge said call the hot line .What a joke .My daughter did not know the officers name .So iam pushing to the board to clean out the safety heads and start over.

Anonymous said...

why is the evidence person allowed to have her daughter a school police officer and a fadzen close personal friend handle evidence from other cases including drugs . is this not a conflict of intrest and shows the fadzen cover up from within.