Sunday, September 9, 2012

Won't back down

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wedngovI know this is a different topic but Im not sure how to start a new post. I am interested in a discussion of the new movie wont back down. The union has posted information from the aft against it but yet the movie is tied to the very people Gates, Walden, anschutz. The same people they have welcomed and supported in our district. Hmm? Just curious about thoughts on yet another teacher bashing movie the union is against yet will welcome money from.


Anonymous said...

I just saw the trailer on tv for the movie, which I had not heard about. I think it mentions the movie was based on a true story, right?

Hard to imagine that parents got worked up over kids not being able to read. I know parents got worked up when changes to gifted education were discussed and some pushed to have pps included in the WPIAL and parents fight to keep buildings open when additional downsizing or performance factors warrant shut down, but what else stirs pps parents? Years ago we parents got more wound up over issues, did we just get tired or did the parents who got easily stirred just graduate with their kids?

Anonymous said...

Good question! Parents were concerned at one time over skills and abilities, and when these task were introduced. I remember heated debates in PSCC over computational math skills vs. problem solving, ability grouping vs more diverse classrooms, contained vs departmentalized elementary schools, carving out time for outdoor recess, languages in elementary schools, etc. Now the PSCC has become a place where principals announce scores and discuss scores, and yes, plan to improve scores. Even when on the opposite side of debates, these parents were pasionate about their children's education. I just assumed the kool-aid was shared with parents to from the changes that occured.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Watch it on your iPad. See link in that thread.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Speaking of movies, saw an ad for a new one that has to do with schools. HUMOR.

School has to cut its after school activities and one of the teachers steps up to try to raise the funds by entering ultimate fight matches for the prize money.

Anonymous said...

"I've been a parent activist in our urban public school system for the last twelve years. Anyone who believes that the educational reforms presented in this film will make a positive impact on children, families, or communities is sorely misinformed and misguided. Teachers and parents are well aware of the real needs in our public schools. A top-down corporate model isn't what we need, but it's exactly what charter management organizations offer. The idea of parent-initiated reform is charming, but it isn't the reality. The parent trigger law allows for-profit CMOs to infiltrate our districts and siphon public funds into the hands of hedge-fund managers. They are driven solely by their bottom line, and have no stake in the communities they claim to serve.
We need to dispel the myths about charter schools, then return control of our public schools to the communities. Teachers, parents, students, and administrators have the knowledge and experience necessary to create excellent, equitable public schools. All we need is the support and funding necessary to make our visions a reality.
I look forward to this film's premiere in our area, as it will give our growing coalition of student, parent, and teacher activists an opportunity to counter Hollywood hype with the truth.
Bring it.
We're not backing down, either."

This is a parent (from ??) responding to hype online of this

Anonymous said...

I am a retired PPS teacher and was an extra in this movie. I am a big fan of Viola Davis' and only participated to watch her in action close up. (She truly is a fantastic actress)

The movie has generated alot of buzz and national discussion about school systems, teachers, and unions. Ironically, it was filmed in Pittsburgh using our old Letsche (sp?) building in the Hill and feeding cast, crew, and extras in Allderdice's cafeteria while filming at the Community Day School. Check the movie out Sept. 28th and see for yourself if "parent trigger laws" are realistic. If nothing else, you'll see great scenes of Pittsburgh and a great actress. (Viola Davis - I am biased)