Saturday, September 15, 2012

The schools students deserve

The following was sent to Pure Reform:

Friends and family involved in the fight for public schools,

The wonderful Chicago Teachers Union and their parent/student/community allies have opened doors for all of us.

They have forced even the "mainstream" media to begin to discuss reality. The CTU strike has raised real issues in real ways.

Now, IMO, it's up to all of us to continue what CTU has helped to make possible

May I respectfully suggest that a platform we all can use has been put together by the CTU. This is "research-based" reality. In an excellent report, "The Schools Chicago Students Deserve," they've laid out what we all are trying to work for. They have done a stunning one-page summary which we can put into people's hands now, letting them know the realities of the Chicago fight AND suggesting conversations around our own schools as well as national needs.

Please, please take the time to read this, discuss it, share it. Let's help celebrate our Chicago sisters and brothers by picking up the banner and running with it, together.

- Once you click the link, choose the 1 page summary or detailed 46 page report.


Anonymous said...

That "data spinner" comments of earlier this week should remind us all why "data driven" instruction is total b.s. Yet ANOTHER strength of previous principals-- mine explained exactly why "research based" is honest, real, and works.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and i particularly enjoyed how she squirmed out of it all with refried solutions that have been forth here time and again. It reminded me of classic PPS re-direct tactics.

I support Chicago teachers 100%, especially when politicians go on the attack about teachers. I could have done anything with my life but was born with a heart and wanted to help kids. Pity. I could have been lining my pockets like politicians and school administrators. And both the politicians and media want to portray teachers as "thugs." We really do need Jimmy Hoffa-style union leadership anymore. Workers should have rights.

Instead, we have cowards in charge.

Anonymous said...

The kids are bad as hell! Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

The pft union president called into Marty Griffin's talk show yesterday...(pause for an extended cringe) and in the brief amount of time the show had left did her best to correct misconceptions. He is going to give her an hour sometime in the future and having time to prepare she should be able to give the public facts and stop some bloviating.

When did the so many professionsl relationships withing education become adversarial? Was NCLB the cause? Was the dwindling dollars for educaion what made everyone so surly? When did teachers and principals end up on opposing teams?

Anonymous said...

And that not "name calling"?????

Questioner said...

Who was called what name?

Anonymous said...

I personally feel that as the economy tanked the venture enterpreneurs saw what they feel is a goldmine and invested huge sums -- broad, gates, walton all sowing seeds of unrest among people who they care nothing about.
Pa suburbs and small towns have had some nasty strikes over the last 30 years-- but no one discredited teachers so yeah the feeling that teaching can be measured by student scores, especially at a time when we have rightly decided that evert student deserves to be educated by the community, addded to by the seeds of big money took us down a very slippery slope.