Sunday, September 9, 2012

State continues to investigate for possible cheating

On another post Anonymous wrote:

A must as a New Blog Entry .. .. .

How long will this go on with PPS. ..Can the local newspapers secure names and schools under the Right to Know Law" ?????

Inquiry continues into cheating on PSSA tests

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Pittsburgh Public Schools superintendent Linda Lane said that the state asked the district to look into 19 teachers whose students' answer sheets had atypical erasure patterns. She declined to name the teachers or the schools and said it is up to the ???


Questioner said...

Local newspapers certainly should be able to obtain specifics under RTKL and would be expected to do so to provide complete coverage of the story. Since they may or may not, though, anyone else can make the request. Send the request to the state- the state tends to respond quickly and completely.

Anonymous said...

Another coverup?

Whatever happened to the old adage "The truth will set you free"?

Anonymous said...

Note that the PSSA cheating inquiry is front page on today's Post Gazette.

Also note that of the 11 Western PA Districts cited in the article ONLY Pittsburgh Public Schools is said to be still "Under investigation."

There are 8 that have been "Cleared" or "Closed" and 2 have "Continued monitoring."

And check out the "erasure patterns" on the two charts!!
There are 19 teachers in PPS being "looked into" for "atypical erasures."

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the 19 teachers are still employed by PPS?

Anonymous said...

I would wonder how much of that story we're getting. The far more in-depth story from the Philly paper pointed out that it's pretty rare for an individual teacher to be caught cheating on these tests. For our district to have that many would be unusual (maybe that's what they're investigating?!). Cheating on these tests is much more likely to occur with the knowledge of someone in the school's administration and perhaps one or two trusted teachers.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that teachers are catching blame for what administrators do. Just when will this corrupt administration be investigated? I am relying on the district attorney to begin to lift the lid. I won't hold out hope that a political hack like the Secretary of Education will do anything. He's beyond anti-teacher.