Friday, September 28, 2012

Pittsburgh Promise recipients

PG article states that per the Promise, 76% of 2008 and 2009 recipients returned for their second year of college:

- That's nice, but it is 2012; at this point,  can't they tell us what portion of 2008 promise recipients received a college degree so far?  It is 4 years later. 


Mark Rauterkus said...

Anonymous said...

Once again, the Roosevelt playbook in action.
Major scandals involving a morally corrupt school officer and cover-up. Rumors of other cover-ups and scandals. So, what better time than to have Ghubril and his cronies talk up the Promise!
I even called it.

Anonymous said...

Can we say "mission creep"? Since when is the Pittsburgh Promise the economic development arm of the City of Pittsburgh?

Anonymous said...

This was alternately the best and worst thing to ever happen to PPS. The best because it helps so many kids. The worst because it became a PR agenda piece for PPS and an opportunity to hide all of the ugliness that goes on in the district. The worst because within that PR piece came the idea to get more, and more and even more kids on that pathway, even if it meant compromising academic integrity via an insane 50% grading policy, a beyond-pathetic curriculum (I am acquainted with curricula high and low where other districts are concerned. As a whole, this is the worst) and a forced grading system within Pinnacle, the teacher grade reporting system.

Money truly corrupts, whether it is ethics or morals. Gates money has destroyed any semblance of reacher accountability. It empowered know-nothing administrators to target veteran teachers. In a like manner, the Promise---an initiative with good intentions---has destroyed the integrity of PPS.

Shame. Complete shame.