Friday, November 28, 2008

Community Education Partners (CEP)

At the most recent Board meeting Board member Mark Brentley brought up CEP, mentioning fights at the school and the issue of whether the CEP contract should be terminated next September. He raised the question of whether this service could be handled in-house.

PURE Reform has requested a copy of the CEP contract and performance information. A copy of the contract is to be provided, but the district solicitor is looking into whether the district is required to release performance information.

Aside from questions of whether it is best to concentrate large numbers of disruptive students in a single building there are also issues of cost and whether the $30M+ allocated for this contract could have been put to better use- or, at least, whether public views on whether to take on this large debt should have been sought in advance.


Anonymous said...

I attended an A+ forum on school budgeting where a parent of a female student spoke about how this alternative school was not meeting the needs her student.

I have heard that the Lechey (sp?) school is a place where kids can be helped better than at their home schools.

I have heard that kids in their home schools are frustrated that they can't learn more when the teacher is distrated by "immediate need discipline."

I can not say if CEP is the right source, but something needs to be done to allow the kids who have to work hard to be AVERAGE and maybe BASIC,or closing in on PROFICIENT, to make it!!!

Anonymous said...

The Letsche Center (also called the Student Achievement Center) is available for students needing to recover credit and in separate areas students who have violated the Code of Student conduct and/or have been suspended or expelled.