Saturday, November 1, 2008

High School Size/ Choice

With the recent emphasis on "themed" schools, another type of high school choice may be overlooked: school size.

While a small school may be best for some, for others a large school (750+ in grades 9 - 12) with a full range of activities, sports and electives and a large pool of classmates may be best.

Just as the Strategic Plan includes a K - 8 school near each student, consideration should be given to making a reasonably convenient, full service 9 - 12 high school available for all students. This arrangement would provide true "choice."

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Questioner said...

The strategic plan has been revised so that the goal is now to have a K - 5 OR a K - 8 school "near" each student's home. "Near" is not defined but it is likely that most homes are currently already reasonably close to an elementary school.