Friday, November 28, 2008

Superintendent's Goals

The School Board voted to approve a set of goals for the Superintendent for the 2008-2009 school year. Prior to the vote Board member Thomas Sumpter noted that these goals were the result of a great deal of work, and that he felt the new goals were a great improvement over those in place previously.

Randall Taylor noted that the goals contain few quantifiable measures for accountability, and suggested that input from the public should be sought on proposed goals before they are approved. Other Board members felt that the public could make suggestions through Board members. However, it does not appear that an announcement was made that the Board was working on this issue or that proposed goals were made available for review. On the website under our district/ superintendent, there is no listing of goals for this year or prior years and a search on the website for "superintendent's goals" brings up nothing.

The Superintendent's contract does contain "Performance Priorities"; it is not clear if the "goals" are updated priorities or if the goals are in addition to the priorities.

There was a suggestion that the goals are a personnel matter. However, to the extent that the goals determine which major initiatives the Superintendent should pursue, they would seem to be more a matter of public policy and less a private personnel matter.

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Anonymous said...

He get's a Huge Raise every summer, how can he meet the goals, if he keeps his goals secret. (Typical politician) He has had a 15,000 dolar raise for every year he has been here. In a district that has financial problems. In this economy! All he does is threw out Propagada. Roosevelt and his numerous newly hired cronnies do is manipulate the media. Marky Mark makes sure the promise is constantly in the media. It is the only thing he can hang his hat on. He also keeps the administration growing at the Ivory tower and reducing the number of teachers in our schools. Please research the Broad Foundation, they are not for the Children of Pittsburgh.

Sorry for venting

Frustrated Parent and Teacher