Saturday, November 29, 2008

Preliminary Budget

The district's Preliminary Budget for the upcoming year can be found at

The public may comment at a special hearing on Tuesday, December 2 at 12:00 PM (registration to speak required by 10:00 AM that day) or at the general monthly public hearing on Monday, December 8 at 7:00 PM (registration to speak require by noon that day).


Questioner said...

Only one speaker scheduled for today's public hearing on the proposed budget.

The budget document is long and detailed and the 13 days provided for review (which do not seem to have been announced in advance and which included the Thanksgiving holiday period) may not have been enough time for most people to digest it.

However, comments can be made at the regular hearing on Monday Dec 8. The budget document is a sort of "State of the District" presentation outlining a range of district positions and is worth taking the time to review.

IronMan said...

The district can save money in myriad ways:
1) reduce by half the number of administrators who have nothing to do with moving PPS students from point A to point B. The incredible amount of waste within the district is criminal. And the incredible amount wasted on the salaries of do-nothings is reprehensible.
2) allow teachers to formulate and devise a curriculum for each subject area. Get rid of supervisory types who were failures in the classroom, scared at the prospect of returning and now occupy jobs which entail a great deal of job justification, i.e., curriculum.
3) get rid of the association with the Pittsburgh Institute. Again, we are talking about pinheads who exist in the ivory tower. Have any of these types actually ever been to a PPS school other than CAPA or Allderdice?

Taxpayers, your money is wasted on central administrators. This district has shrunk and while the board has seen fir to cut teaching staff, it needs to better tighten its belt in its own house. Numerous administration types---teaching failures---need to find new lines of employment.