Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sports Proposal from Mark Rauterkus

Sports Proposal from Mark Rauterkus:

Hi Fellow PPS Parents!
We have plenty of work to do in terms of getting our kids fit and into great activities after school and with scholastic athletic teams. This is a big area of concern of mine for the past years. Now with the new schools, we've got to step it up a great deal. This is what I think may happen.

The new high school with a working name of Science and Technology to be open in fall of 2009 is going to be in the existing Frick facility in Oakland. The kids there will be able to play sports along with the kids who attend the University Prep school -- now open for grade 9 only. This joint athletic program is done for one or two sports in suburban areas from time to time. But, I've not seen it done for the entire athletic program -- until now. I'm pushing for these schools to have the same colors and mascot(s) -- and I'd love it to be The Zombies. And, most of all, we should try to jump start the parent/ community booster groups for these schools as well.

The kids that are going to be in the I.B. High (IB World) -- are at the Reizenstein facility. They'll need a new school name and mascot. The OLYMPIANs seem to make the most sense, as an outgrowth of the Spartans. I feel that we should let the mascot of The Spartans go to a slumber -- until Schenley H.S. is re-established. What becomes of that school is still unknown (to me).

Furthermore, CAPA is getting middle grades next year and what was Rodgers did have sports opportunities for the kids. Rodgers X-Country already started to wear the design and colors (blue/white) of CAPA. Capa's football team is still undefeated -- giggle. They use the mascot of the invisible rainbow unicorn. Kwel. It might be okay to have CAPA kids team up with the IB High kids for sports that they don't offer at CAPA. And, CAPA needs to get into the flow with a couple of offerings -- x-country, rowing perhaps. In my not so humble opinion, the existing structure with the kids at CAPA playing with their 'home school' is unthinkable.

Furthermore, we've got to get the new programs to compete with the WPIAL and try to re-establish the city league as a great time for holiday tournaments, post-season all-star games and other special events with rivals -- but not a day-in-and-day-out exclusive option. This is going to take a lot of effort and coordination -- as well as political will. If anyone wants to join me in these efforts and advoacy efforts, please contact me with a phone call or email. Other insights welcomed too.

Mark Rauterkus412 298 3432Mark@Rauterkus.com


Annette Werner said...

When I visited U Prep I learned that students had chosen their mascot- a bright green wildcat, I think.

Annette Werner said...

But it's true that some kind of thoughtful plan really needs to be established for sports, which add so much to many students' high school experience as well as helping to establish habits of making time for sports and exercise.

Has anyone in the PPS system been assigned responsibility for this issue?