Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Reflections

Election Day 2008 appears at least in part to be a decisive rejection of the current Presidential administration, which has been characterized by an emphasis on spin over substance as well as an overall lack of transparency.

The expectation of greater openness will extend to all levels of government, including the administration of our schools and other local bodies.


Questioner said...

Check out the website of the office of the President Elect, open government section- requesting suggestions for the new administration. If comments were taken seriously, this is an approach that could work on a local level as well.


Questioner said...

From an editorial in today's Wall Street Journal by Gordon Crovitz, "Can We Trust Anyone Over 30?," quoting a well-known author:

To win the trust of the Net Geners, governments have to be transparent...At a minimum, policy makers should publicize their overall goals and objectives and, for specific issues and deisions, the documents they relied on, the names of the participants in the decision-making process, and their underlying rationales and criteria, and they should provide reasons why alternative policy options have not been pursued.

Sounds like good advice!

Questioner said...

Correction- the editorial was actually in the 11/10/08 WSJ.