Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Final Draft Strategic Plan"

Mark Rauterkus' blog notes thatthere is a Final Draft of the Strategic Plan, but recommends another round of public comment and revision.



Kathy Fine said...

Last month, the PPS administration asked for public comment on the draft of its Strategic Plan. PURE Reform reviewed the plan and submitted a list of questions that would help the public understand this plan better. This week, the administration released its final draft of the Strategic Plan to be presented to the school board and over 90% of the questions that we had submitted are left unanswered. We are trying to stay positive and work constructively with the administration. No one benefits from bashing our school district. Yet we are very suspect of the commitment of the district to stakeholder input if "public comment" continues to be ignored.

Questioner said...

The PURE Reform comments that were addressed were in general the questions about the definition of terms and jargon (such at what is Coaching Cyle Implementation, what is an RTI model, what is E technology, what is the Conciliation Agreement, what is the Pgh Urban Leadership System of Excellence, and what is PBIS) rather than more substantive questions.

Kathy Fine said...

I was directed by a third party (not the district) to look at the FAQ section of the Strategic plan ( for answers to some of our questions. This section does address more of our questions, bringing the total percentage of questions answered to 37%. Many substantive questions remain unanswered:

What are the details of the University Partnership with Pitt? What do the students that do not need extra help do during this “Extra Period of Help” provided at ALAs? How can one review the new school counseling model? How will this be evaluated?

We will continue to press for answers to these questions.