Saturday, October 3, 2009

Early childhood center at the sci tech school

At last week's legislative meeting, 5 board members voted to place an early childhood center at the sci tech school. 3 members abstained and 1 member was absent.

An abstaining board member pointed out that space at the sci tech school is limited and that it is the board's stated policy to place ECC's at elementary schools as a means to encourage families to go on to enroll their children in that elementary school. Due to the lack of discussion, viewers were left to wonder and speculate as to the reasoning of the 5 members voting in favor of an ECC at the sci tech school.


parentone said...

The location of the sci-tech building is hard to dismiss as a possible inspiration to the students attending there. It is difficult not to be stirred to action when surrounded by the hustle of Oakland. It is not the easiest buidling to reach during a heavy traffic time and the parking is very limited. It would be good to hear the motives for placing an ECC there. Perhaps an educaion committee meeting presenttion exists somewhere?

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that that's the best location, especially since that school has to grow times x 3 more grades over the next three years. Ridiculous to put an ECC there and have to move it in a year or two, it seems. There aren't any other buildings with space, parking, and the ability for the kids to get outside in the vicinity/up on the hill?

parentone said...

ECCs should have easy access for parents, perhaps a drive thru. Again, I have to say MOTIVE?

Questioner said...

Here's a link to the list of ECC's:

There is an ECC at Milliones which would seem accessible to the same families that would be near the science school. The school's website describes hustle and bustle there as well, with a

"special location overlooking the Hill Distrcit, Central Oakland, the campuses of the University of Pittsburgh and Carngie Mellon University enjoys frequent and close collaboration with key civic leaders who share the spirit of innovation Pittsburgh Public Schools is returning to this important cross-section of scholarship, culture, and commerce."

Anonymous said...

Ok, now that we have been reminded that three more grades need to be added and the staff that go with these three grades which requires more parking...the location makes no sense. What will be voted on next how many and how much we should pay to lease parking for staff at other Oakland locations?

Mark Rauterkus said...

The Sci-Tech building gets a child care center there so kids that go there can have their babies there too. ???

Staff ???

A great place for a child care center is Schenley High School on Bigelow. (Nevermind)

Another great place for a child care center is South Side Vo Tech. (Nevermind)

Questioner said...

ECC's are for children age 3-5 rather than babies. No 9-12 school is listed as having an ECC, but the 6-12's other than CAPA have them (Milliones/U Prep, SciTech and Reiz/IB). A mystery.