Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Testimony on limited opportunities for Schenley students

See the third testimony at http://www.purereform.com/test_101209.html .


Annette Werner said...
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Annette Werner said...

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This testimony was truly heartbreaking to watch. Just to know that we had tried our hardest to prevent experiences like this and came up short. After the Schenley vote several of us sat with a now former board member who assured us of all the support displaced Schenley students would get... as she talked about hanging Schenley banners we didn't imagine that something as basic as the appropriate level English and foreign language classes were at stake. And remember that this is a student applying for college this year, with all the demands and stresses that entails.

Posted by Annette Werner to PURE Reform at October 13, 2009 9:26 PM

amymoore said...

I hope that you will all take the time to read the testimonies posted from the last board hearing. As always, Kathy and Annette did an excellent job of pointing out the truths that the Post-Gazette seems not able to recognize.

Andrea's testimony is especially powerful because it is a personal experience of what is happening at Schenley @ Reizenstein. How can we as parents believe the fancy promises that Mr. Roosevelt has made when the district has fallen so short with the promises that were made to the Schenley community? I wish that every parent/student that has experienced the broken promises would be courageous enough to speak at the board hearings, write letters to the editor, and/or come to the PSCC meetings and speak out. When it is the same voices speaking all of the time, we are dismissed as disgruntled Schenley parents who are unhappy about losing a building. I loved the Schenley building and location but I am more worried about losing the wonderful teachers in the IB programme because the administration do not recognize the value of their experience.

Anonymous said...

So many feel that it doesn't matter; it won't make a difference; all that matters is what the foundations want. But if enough people speak up we will be impossible to ignore. Let's start by making sure that this student's difficulties are resolved.