Monday, October 12, 2009

Teacher initiative preparations

From today's PG:


Anonymous said...

Teachers will be left high and dry. They will have no PFT support at all. Watch your backs teachers!

Anonymous said...

What is "urban teaching experience"? Is it any teaching experience in a city?

Parent of2 said...

Why is it easier to get money for studies and "new" ideas but not to get funding to really help the students who need it?
This initiative is just another in a long line of "brilliant" ideas whose purpose is to blame all teachers for everything that is wrong with education! The teachers who have been trying not to teach to the test will now have the added incentive to do just that.
When will more people who make these poor decisions realize that the teachers are not the enemy?

Anonymous said...

Could it have something to do w/ educational consulting becoming a very profitable industry? Who would pay a consultant a lot of money to say that low-performing students need extra, individualized help?

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: a principal can make drastic gains in pay when her teachers increase PSSA scores, but the teacher may lose his job when someone deems that HE is the reason that scores stagnate???
How is it that administration gets a free pass in such matters?
Look, it's a given that the school board is in bed with Roosevelt. Their objectivity became a moot point long ago.
But who judges the assistant superintendents, like the one who put an outrageous grading policy in effect last year and the one who ramrods a pathetically inept English curriculum despite the concerns and reservations of teachers? Who makes the call?
Who makes the call about the effectiveness of countless--countless--administrators making a living off of taxpayer dollars largely to take up office space, do a few "learning walks" in schools and then fade back into the woodwork. Where is the outcry? Who makes the call? How about poor principals and vice principals whose discipline procedures are so laughable that even the kids understand the all bark, no bite persona. Who judges them, especially when their effectiveness--or lack thereof--makes a huge difference in the classrooms???
I can name dozens of administrators--dozens--who could be cut tomorrow and oddly enough, no one would notice. The savings to the taxpayer would be enormous.When is someone going to put John Tarka in the crosshairs, as well as other PFT leadership, and question their effectiveness? After all, they are getting teacher salaries.

WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO ASK THESE QUESTIONS? When is someone going to have enough gumption to understand that only a dunce would say that an administrator is due a raise for a job she did not do herself, but can wash her hands of a situation when a class stagnates?
When is someone going to have enough courage to ask about needless positions within a district which is bloated with unnecessary costs?
There is a reason that the great majority of administrators became administrators in education, and it's because they were sad excuses for teachers and could never cut it in the business world. Funny, isn't it, that they get to call the shots where teacher effectiveness is concerned.

As a teacher, I am happy to relate that I have forgotten more about children, how to reach them, how to educate them--than any administrator will ever know.

Anonymous said...

Where's the outcry, folks. Bonuses totaling $385,000 and NONE of these individuals are in the classroom. ZERO. ZIP. NONE.

In particular, take a look at the central office raises.
Unbelievable. What a great job. No wonder why so many people who can't make it as teachers stay in education. They simply go into administration.

I'm just waiting to read the outcry here. I'm sure it's forthcoming. And I'm just as sure that when teacher negotiations begin, we'll remember these figures, right? You know--salaries and raises for individuals NOT in the classroom.

parent who has heard it all before said...

More anonymous comments from disgruntled teachers....posting on this forum does nothing. Go to the PFT union meetings and get something done.

Questioner said...

Still, it is good for parents and ocmmunity members to hear a teacher's perspective.

Anonymous said...

It does no good to go to the union. They are in bed with the BOE. Teachers' hands are tied. Bellefield is running the district.

Anonymous said...

More teacher bashing from anonymous parents. I'm sure you'll be the first to chirp when "negotiations" hit the brick wall.
I'm a little stunned that the idea of anonymity gets your goat. In a district that is routinely telling its principals to target teachers for dismissal, who would be insane enough to post their name?
And just for the record, Mr.Tarka and all the folks over on the South Side should be the first ones made to go back in the classroom. Union? Are you joking?