Friday, October 9, 2009

Promise contributions in lieu of the public service fund

From the PG:

"...Pitt officials noted that some organizations -- though not Pitt -- opted to give to the Pittsburgh Promise of college tuition aid rather than the Pittsburgh Public Service Fund."

- As a practical matter the UPMC contribution itself is in lieu of a contribution to the service fund. However, the public never had a voice in this matter, or even in the specifics of the program. This is because it was presented as "free money."


Questioner said...

Something many people would like to see are safeguards so that Promise money is not wasted- for ex on programs that will not actually serve students well. Or on students not yet prepared for post secondary training. Strict reporting requirements would also be welcomed.

Mark Rauterkus said...

One great way to not waste PP money is to begin a 13th grade option within PPS, with PP funds. But, we've gone into that discussion in the past.

Squeek, squeek goes the wheel.

Questioner said...

From an editorial in today's PG- discussion of the mayor's upcoming attempts to

"redefine the city's relationship with the giant nonprofit institutions, the "eds and meds".... In [the 2010 budget]
will be a line item that amounts to a $15 million plea for the revenue needed to avoid a tradeoff between the city's crying infrastructure needs and its massive debt and pension burden."

Read more:

- College scholarships may be a better use of nonprofit contributions than repairs to infrastructure - but again, to the city as a whole the scholarships are a tradeoff rather than free money.

Questioner said...

A look at the kinds of problems we will be increasingly experiencing if infrastructure needs are not addressed: