Thursday, October 1, 2009

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amymoore said...

Parent Portal

At the recent EFA meeting, Mark Conner told us that the Parent Portal is up and accessible to parents. The PP takes the place of the old dashboard and will hopefully be a more stable system. You can access it by going to the site and clicking on the link on the left that says Parent Portal. To open a new account, you need the student's id number which can be found on old report cards or progress reports (which are due this weekend). Unlike the dashboard that required the parent to go to the school with a picture id, this portal can be accessed from home.

At this time the site will have the student's schedule, current grades(after report cards), achievement records including 2006 & 2009 PSSA scores , 4 Sight scores, and the student's permanent record, attendance records, enrollment history, and a magnet application. Additional info will continue to be added.

Anonymous said...

It is October 13, and my child's Pittsburgh Promise has not been paid to the bursar's office of her school. If there is a Promise made, shouldn't that Promise be kept?!

Anonymous said...

Schenley/IB parents left out of the loop again

A diploma program IB teacher recently related this story:

IB diploma teachers have been asking for a reconvening of the IB steering committee so that teachers in the diploma program could have a chance to have their voices heard and generate more parental involvement in the development of the IB 6-12 school. The DP coordinator has made this request for us several times to Cate Reid with either no response or a reply that she would get to that at some point in the future. Last week, the IB faculty worked together for 3 hours on some common issues regarding the program. There is a growing sense of unease among IB diploma teachers who feel like their concerns "from the trenches" are being dismissed and that the school is starting to feel like a big middle school rather than a complete IB program that blends a new program into a strong well-established one.

Again, the point was to have steering committee reconvened. Toward the end of the meeting, there was a brief discussion with a PFT representative, asking for the union's assistance in getting this steering committee back on track.

The union rep called Derek Lopez right there and reported back right after the phone call. Mr. Lopez said the committee is no longer needed, that the recommendations from the committee were now in the hands of Dr. Walters and that it was up to him to have implement those changes. This caught everyone off guard, including the several DP teachers who had been on the steering committee and felt that the job of the committee was far from done.

Schenley parents, IB parents -- are you still out there? Are you willing to roll up your sleeves again and help?

Anonymous said...

When is the Title IX audit report being released? Isn't it way over due?