Monday, October 5, 2009

Loophole lessons

From today's PG

"Loophole lessons

In regard to your editorial, "Option Year: Roosevelt Is Worth Locking Up In a New Contract" (Sept. 19), you mentioned how there is a state law that limits the contract for a Pittsburgh superintendent to six years and how you would be in favor of the board considering a loophole to keep Mr. Roosevelt. Would this be good use of a teachable moment?
How about teachers asking their students to find a local or state law and then looking at all the loopholes they can find to get around that law? Students who are successful at that assignment can grow up to be school board members, lawyers, business leaders, bankers, union leaders, editorial board members, etc.


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Questioner said...

If the Board disagrees with this state law- it could set a good example by working to change it rather than finding a loophole to avoid the intent of the law.