Monday, December 13, 2010

Adults blame parents for education problems

Results of an AP- Stanford U poll:

Adults blame parents for education problems more than "teachers, school administrators, the government or teachers unions".


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we have a few here who would say it's all the teachers' faults. This report must be causing heartburn for them...and for Bellefield Avenue and the Gates people.

Anonymous said...

They have no heart to burn.

Anonymous said...

They Have No Heart, or they would work directly with kids, not hide at the Ivory Tower.

Anonymous said...

The Easiest thing to do and the cheapest, has been to blame teachers.

Anonymous said...

And the whole thing has gone so well with RISE and all lately. Has anyone been checking the board minutes over the past few months? Notice an upturn in resignations for "personal reasons" and dismissals? Odd, eh?

Aw. Just a coincidence.

Questioner said...

From the article:

"By ninth grade, missing 20 percent of school is a better predictor of a student dropping out than test scores are, said Attendance Counts director Hedy Chang."

According to the A+ schools report, student daily attendance at Peabody was 74.3% and at Westinghouse it was 82.5%. Could making it easy and attractive for kids to attend school be more productive than effots like single gender classes and university partnerships?

Maybe, instead of focusing on the graduation rate, a more immediate focus should be on the attendance rate and factors such as school starting time, location, and extracurricular activities that draw kids in.

Anonymous said...

Yup, good to see those 120 and 150 kids are going to school. Another useless factoid from an even less group, A+ schools. If they really want to impress, gather info about all of the high school age kids within those feeder patterns who have dropped out.
Just when will Pure Reform and A+ start telling it like it is???