Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tribune interviwe w/ LLane/ reactions to appointment

From the Tribune:

The article mentions the candidate's view that getting out into schools is important. Over the past few years many have advocated greater visbility in the schools for the superintendent.


Annette Werner said...

I was also asked by the Tribune for a reaction to Dr. Lane's appointment. I didn't make it into the article, so here are the comments I had:

I think the selection is in line with a preference across the country for superintendents w/ backgrounds as educators. I hope she will make the superintendency her own by taking another look at programs and initiatives begun over the past 5 years. I feel that in too many cases the tendency has been to sweep away years of work and experience, rather than building on what was good and improving what was not good in a particular school or program Many of the reforms have not panned out, and the East End has born the brunt of the reforms.

In response to a question on whether Dr. Lane seems inclined to work w/ the community I said it was difficult to know, b/c in general it seemed that she had been trying to be a good soldier for MR. I noted though that we had met w/ her about the Open East End Panel report, which recommended a top notch CTE program, and that respect for CTE is an intrinsic characteristic of Pittsburgh. The fact that Dr. Lane mentioned an intention to emphasize CTE may indicate that she was listening.

Johnny Duke said...

I look at her appointment as I would an appointment after the death of Iran's leader. Just someone else to take up the cause.

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