Monday, December 6, 2010

Public hearing tonight on 4 new proposed charter schools

From the Tribune:


Questioner said...

The article quotes one parent as saying

"she's thrilled that North Side children could once again have the opportunity to attend a neighborhood school."

- A relatively high number of charter schools and proposed charter schools do seem to be in locations that have lost their neighborhood schools. It would be interesting to examine the cost savings from closing these schools versus the money the district must then pay to charter schools. In some areas consolidation seems to have been the smart choice, while other communities are strongly signaling that consolidation has gone too far.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh Public Schools
Friday, December 10, 2010 - All day event

Magnet Application Deadline

Contact Information:
Contact: Parent Hotline
Phone: 412-622-7920

Anonymous said...

Thank heavens for another community choice for the North Side-as the parent in the article excitedly echoed the sentiments of many Pittsburgh Families have faced with the current disorganization of the reorganization plan.

The declining PPS enrollment is due to charters-the North Side community has had many community groups wriiten to back Propel Charter Application--as the parent said--- a school of their own. The Mann building being taken over by Propel creates an excellent choice now for the northern region of the city.

If the Board members would look at their jobs as for the betterment of the district as a whole-instead of their individual communities-we would all be better off.

Did you look at the cost of over $12, 000 per pupil and double that for a special needs child $24 grand?
The PPS Board has shown they must approve the majority of the charters-we are blessed to have alternative.

It seems to me community leaders of the various board districts seem to have more power over Board members-the firefighter that represents North Side is going to see less of his voting members vote for him.
Next year over another 1000-2000 less enrolled students.
Too bad, we cannot infiltrate the South Hills districts of Fink and Hazsuda-a charter would love to take the Knoxville School Building? I wonder why the thought crossed many of the South Hills parents-Fink and her people bought St Basil’s. This was brought to the South Hills parents attention.

Questioner said...

Anonymous, can you explain- who bought St. Basil's and what is it being used for?

Anonymous said...

We the PPS own formerly St Basil’s School-it has been Roosevelt Elementary Building 2- a Jean Fink territorial tribute for her power and pull.

The older Roosevelt Building 1 is used for Lower Primary Grades. She reopened the famed Bonair to a Pre-K Center.

And her famed Concord Elementary with tons od PPS money folwing into construction-and it is not going as a Green Buliding like Northview.