Monday, December 13, 2010

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eyeroll said...

How ironic. Last night's meeting included a discussion of Wiz Khalifa and his professional rapper accomplishments. How many found themselves scratching their heads wondering why he would command any discussion time at all? Today's PG Weekend Magazine features a Scott Mervis cover story that should provoke a retraction from the Board of any possible unintended endorsement of his smoke-induced work ethic. Yep, definite role model material.

Questioner said...

Was it a Board agenda review meeting? He has some great things out but it would seem there are more important topics that need the Board's attention.

eyeroll said...

It was the legislative meeting last night. It could have been called a promo for his two night Pittsburgh appearance.

I will do some lyric searches and read more than the PG articles written recently. Who knows, maybe I will become a convert and conclude kids should smoke-up and take the PSSAs to do their best work.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

how come this dist. never address the problems high rate of afro amer males dropping out of school,and also does the dist. do a good job of preparing 7th and
8th grade afro males for high school? to help this target population for dropping out of school in the future.

Anonymous said...

Unitentional ironic statements: This could be a fun stress
relieving way to have a sense of humor without being cruel.
I am sure there are many unintentional ironic or funny statements by the school board. I was watching the legislative meeting (online) and I found the following statement really funny. I think this is verbatim.
*I have no issues with Mr. Sumpter personally.

Mr. Sumpter: " We are pleased that we have more than "one tool" to communicate with important news about the district.".

He is right, they have a lot of "Tools". I would want a pause, rewind and edit button if I was in that situation!

Anonymous said...

What is going on with board meetings? I watched the last 2 online tonight. why did they abort the legislative meeting after 45 minutes and reslove to continue the meeting this wednesday. That is strange.

Why so empty? Nobody is sitting to the left or right of Dr. Lane? I see many new faces, I have no idea who they are, nor am I impressed. I heard a lot of jibberish. A program was maxing out some funding, yet now they want to hire a consultant? WTF was that? One board member saw through the BS, however they will all end up voting as they are told. It seemed like everyone was talking in circles, and a few times there were really uncomfortable moments of silence when it was clear nobody had any idea how to answer questions.

I wanted to grab Jerri Lipert's phone from her so she would not look like a rude person that text's during meetings. One of the first things that is requested at the meetings is simple: Please turn off cell phones.

I guess Lane use to block our camera view of her disrespect for rules and authority. Not a good role model Ms. Lippert, you should be ashamed.

I found nothing reassuring about the past few meetings. Is wednesday's continuation of the legislative meeting being taped? It was announced that the current company that tapes meetings was done, and this was their last meeting.

Something is off. Can the public squish into that room?
Someone needs to keep tabs if they do not have a video of the meeting due to a convenient, oops our new video company is not contracted until January.

Anonymous said...

Today's P-G, "Be Bold Dr. Lane" by Jeremy Resnick

Anonymous said...

Did anyone attend tonights meeting? It was not streamed on PPS. It was a continuation of last weeks legislative meeting.

Anonymous said...

"Something is off. Can the public squish into that room?
Someone needs to keep tabs if they do not have a video of the meeting due to a convenient, oops our new video company is not contracted until January."

I tried to warn you.

Anonymous said...

Article on problems with latest approach to evaluating teachers

This article points out some of the problems with this recent way of evaluating teachers. I've always thought this evaluative approach is silly. A good principal is one who is regularly present, regularly visiting classrooms, regularly discussing with teachers what they're doing in the classrooms. Instead we want this impersonal, statistical tool that -- what? allows principals to not get their hands so dirty? I know, it's an old school, unfashionable approach, and one that takes time and training on the part of the principal. But I think it's also a more common sense solution than the silliness described in this article.

Anonymous said...

New post:
The Office of Talent Management (yes, that is the name) sent out letters to "Former Pittsburgh Public School Teachers" to make them aware they can apply to teach the Period 10 classes. (new credit recovery spin) Classes are offered at Brashear, Langley, Oliver, Perry, and Westinghouse and are open to grades 9-12. Participation is mandatory for 9th and 10th graders who fail a core subject in the first semester. Classes in English 1, English 1 with reading acceleration, English 2, Algebra AB, Geometry AB, Biology, Chemistry, Civics-Be the Change, and Special Ed. certified teachers may also apply. Classes are 2 hrs/2x per week for 10 weeks. Salary is $1,750 per course. Classes are Mon/Wed or Tues./Thurs. so one teacher can teach 2 classes. There is also 9 hours of required professional development. In addition to teaching, clerical duties, interacting with parents, counselors, and "Promise -Readiness Corps teams, teachers must assist with supervising students during snacks and dismissal. Whew...

Questions: Is grant money paying for all this? (salaries, transportation, snacks) How can you require a student to attend after normal school hours? What about students on athletic teams? What about students at Carrick or Allderdice? Do they not get to participate or can they travel to another school to take a course? Do they anticipate a shortage of current teachers on the payroll not applying so they notify retirees they can apply? Is the "Office of Talent Management" the new HR? Who came up with this name anyway? Is there a "talent" show in the future? :)

Anonymous said...

New postings on PPS web site for Central Office!

Central Office Personnel
Project Manager - RAA (Research, Assessment, & Accountability)
Staffing Manager - Non-Certified
Compensation Analyst
Budget Analyst
Secretary to the Superintendent
Coordinator, Strategic Planning
Deputy Chief of Staff
Coordinator of Board Legislative Items

Anonymous said...

Berdnik gets $140,000 - sounds fishy - PR put their own spin on it of course.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The Trib article makes it pretty clear this was not voluntary.

Anonymous said...

This adds to the confusion, why are we footing his attorney bill & damages?

"The district released a copy of the agreement to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Thursday in response to a Right to Know request. The 10-page document breaks down the payment as follows:

-- Reimbursement "of a portion of [Mr. Berdnik's] accrued, unused, sick/personal/vacation days," minus lawful deductions, in a payment on Jan. 3 of $95,000.

-- One check for $27,500 "as payment for all other non-wage damage claims.

-- One check for $17,500 to attorney Edward Olds, who represented Mr. Berdnik, for attorney fees"

Anonymous said...

Add the attorney's fees and the "non-damage claims" = $45,000 = 60/40 client/attorney split give or take $500.