Sunday, December 19, 2010

Article on new Board president


Questioner said...

This is a very thorough article, except that it would have been good to include when the position at UPMC began and to have some follow up on this issue:

"When Ms. Hazuda ran for the school board, she campaigned on a platform that Mr. Roosevelt's administration had made progress but also mistakes. She told the Post-Gazette in 2007 that the board seemed content to go along for the ride, a practice she wanted to change."

- Has she in fact changed that practice? When and how? It seemed like statements made early on that the Board should be setting policy not just reacting diminished over time to zero..

Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt she had the UPMC job when she voted no on closing schenley.

Anonymous said...

She has being going on one hell of a ride, when is the last thing she questioned? or voted No against?

What a Joke?

Anonymous said...

Today: Tribune Review:

Westinghouse's single-gender academies to bolster opportunity

Mark Rauterkus said...

Toughest challenge: tackling under-enrollment on a tight budget.

+ cost-effective decisions.
+ people want the best, but want to pay the least.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the UPMC comment lasted. Lucky you didn't make a crack about the last president's job.

Anonymous said...

The naivete exhibited again and again does not bode well for the future of PPS.