Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Athletic committee feedback

Here is the link to feedback from community meetings- look toward the bottom of the page:



Questioner said...

There is also a link to some online feedback- not clear if feedback is still being taken- and to some background presentations and resources. It's good to see everything posted!

Mark Rauterkus said...

The feedback is still able to be sent into the PPS web site. But, that isn't the focus at this junction, it seems.

That round has passed, mostly.

There is an expected recommendation from Mr. House to the PPS top executives (cabinet, superintendent, etc.) and then to the PPS board in time.

Questioner said...

But, it does seem that in formulating the recommendation Mr. House is considering the feedback.

Anonymous said...

After reading all feed back, two things realy stood out to me.

The people who live in the East End do not what combined athletics with Peabody & Westinghouse

The people who live in North Side do not want combined athletics with Oliver & Perry

This is athletics, I would like to see regional community feedback on the consolidation of schools period.

Mark Rauterkus said...

A change in topics.... slightly.

I would like to see regional community feedback on the consolidation of schools period.

More than once, it was suggested that PPS should have 3 or 4 high schools. They would all be big schools. They would all have it all in terms of various academics (shop classes, multiple language choices, AP, advance sciences, etc, etc.)

Then, with bigger schools, you'd be able to have more kids doing sports for all the teams -- Freshmen teams, JVs, etc. too. More gyms and more fields too.

BUT, the sticking point (beyond policy and philosophy) is facilities and costs. We'd need new school campus construction projects. We're talking big capital improvements -- break the bank big.

Or, we have a lot of boutique schools. Intimate learning environs, blah, blah, blah.

We could build RIVER HIGH on the brownfield in Hazelwood, for example.

But how much money can PPS get for selling the building and property of Allderdice HS? Or else sell the four Elem Schools that feed into Dice and turn Dice into a mega middle school / K-8.

This could be turned into a new version of the computer game, Sim City.

Then again, coupled with the outward migration, if we get another dozen charter schools in Pittsburgh in the next couple of years, we'll be able to put all of the PPS kids into one larger high school.

Who knows?

Anonymous said...

The city league will NEVER be able to compete with the WPIAL, no matter the configuration. Period. To state otherwise transcends foolishness. The problem is NOT with the coaching in city schools but rather, the absence of programs in communities throughout the city. I'll remind you in ten years when your schools are perennial bottom feeders. This move is a cop out...a money saver..pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

No. To join the WPIAL is a move to spend more money.

Anonymous said...

Not by grouping schools together, it isn't. This is a move to kill sports.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The grouping of schools together won't happen. Each school is going to have its own teams, IMNSHO.

Questioner said...

Does that mean that Obama students will NOT play football on a UPrep team?

Mark Rauterkus said...

I don't know for sure. I do not think that Pgh Obama will join any other school for sports. Perhaps they will NOT have a football team. Rugby? Rugby 7s?

Questioner said...

So then if there is an Obama grade 9, 10 or 11 student currently playing Schenley football, next year they will not have the opportunity to play football at all? And wll the Obama marching band be playing for the volley ball and soccer teams?

Mark Rauterkus said...

There will still be a 3 way coop next year as the WPIAL joining won't begin to fall of 2012, I expect.

The band could play at Disney and for Steelers and at band festivals and for the rugby team.

Dude said...

Amazing. Somewhere, good men like George Cupples and Bobby Pajak are doing backflips in their graves.
This is truly the 2010 version of The Keystone Cops Try Athletics Administration.

Anonymous said...

Change in Athletics MUST happen..however it turns out. The City League, amidst all of its history and glory, is "minor league" due to a whole number of reasons (coaching, facilities, training, exposure, lack of discipline and expectation). The succeesses that have been witnessed out of the City League have been solely on the backs (legs, arms, etc) of the individual players and the teams they played on.

The issue of the Obama school possibly not having a football team is very real and probable. Some believe that simply an "effort" to recruit more student athletes will bring students out..they're wrong. Obama may not only not have a football team, they also may not have a soccer team (boys & girls) and will be challenegd to have a baseball and softball team. Football won't exist because of a lack of bodies, as soccer may be also be a victim of a similiar fate. But even if soccer has numbers, just as a baseball and softball, they will barely have numbers...meaning they will have the very minimal numbers to have roster a varsity team (No JV team) ...but they will not a large enough of a pool of players too develop and be they will NOT BE COMPETIVE!