Friday, December 3, 2010

Superintendent's last day at work

On another post, Anonymous wrote:

"Today, December 3, 2010 was Superintendent Mark Roosevelt’s last day at the Pittsburgh Board of Education-this came from a parent that works for the Board of Education.

He is finished-and I guess he will be using his days till the end-uncertain if he cleaned out his desk.

Above should be a seperate blog entry.

Sorry to place this under this heading-but Mr. Taylor your summation again retiterates my concerns of the lack of consistent data analysis."


Questioner said...

That would be strange- the resignation announcement in October made it sound like he would be actually working until December 31.

Anonymous said...

Antioch is beginning to understand. Seriously MR hiring tenured teachers? I don't believe he respects educational degrees.

Why should he, he got further without one.

Anonymous said...

I really wish someone had unfurled a banner on the Bellefield building that read "Good Riddance." It isn't too late to strategically place one as he heads out of town!

Questioner said...

So now that the superintendent is gone, when do we hear what the process will be for selecting a new superintendent?

Anonymous said...

The process may only be revealed after the short list is formed.

I can understand the vitriol, but not being in education other than as a consumer I can't fully appreciate what educators are experiencing. I know what worked best for my kids and I see us moving away from it despite the proclamations and programs that would indicate otherwise.

I do worry about the perceptions people have who may read comments about banners and parting words and conclude anger is likely to trickle to the classroom and interactions with students. I also know decision-makers seem to be living farther and farther away from the real world of workloads when servicing kids.

Anonymous said...

The vitriol was well earned. Just as much of the country was overjoyed when the outgoing president's days were done, many are pleased to see the now ex-superintendent go- although, much has been written about the irresponsibility that goes along with his unexpected departure.
Teachers are doing what they can do to educate this city's children. It is not an easy job, but those who are there because it is their chosen profession will not let those feelings trickle down to their classrooms.

Anonymous said...

My concern on Monday Morning December 5, 2010 and at the varied December Board Committee and Agenda meetings–will the similar “George Washington crossing the Delaware” a la “Linda Lane crossing the Ohio River” manning the boat of the same board cronies directing row, row, row.

Anonymous said...

It is so great to be a CEO!

It is so nice to still get paid to work when you can stay here or go there and move and have seamless insurance coverage for the whole family and technically leave your PPS December 31, 2010 contract and start January 1, 2011-in your new contractual job.

Alternatively, go right to your new job and work quietly here and there. It is shames to have the elected Board members act, as he was king of the world.

Anonymous said...

I have worked with some individuals who are very disappointed and downright frustrated about what PPS has become. They have watched their efforts labeled as ineffective. They have watched PPS become overloaded with administrators who spent relatively few years in the classroom. They have watched as managed curriculum has meant vanilla instruction that negates the idea of rapport building with students.

And at no time...none...have I ever seen that depicted or verbalized to the kids.

I get a little agitated when teachers are subject to such blather. Your "concerns" should be directed at your school board member, who has green-lighted this process, and not your teachers.

I'm not angered or agitated, to be honest. It really is what it is. Times change and one either adapts or pays the price. I always felt Roosevelt did exactly as his resume advertised. He was and is a corporate exec. His bio upon entering stated as much.

I am however concerned about the vindictive individuals who he surrounded himself with--mostly women. I am concerned that this vindictiveness--mixed with arrogance in refusing to accept ideas from those in the classroom--IS what parents should be concerned with, and yet, sit strangely quiet.

Take a look at the various curricula. Take a few days to review RISE and the like. Ask yourself how your child fits into the scenario.

Anonymous said...

Is there a place on the PPS website where a parent can even see the curriculum? Or at least see something like topics covered and instructional methods used?

Please link it here if it's available!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people would think the anger would be directed at the students. The reason teachers are angry is because they don't think the students are getting the best that they can or should get.

Anonymous said...

When you click on the curriculum link on a subject site, you get a page that says you can sign in as just a guest -- but there seems to be no way to actually sign in as a guest that I can see.

Anonymous said...

Teachers, be wary of this site.

Questioner said...

The following comment was made by Anonymous but is not showing up on the website- not clear why, but someone had a similar problem onc in the past. No comments on this topic have been deleted (deleted comments result in a note that a comment has been deleted by the administrator".

"I'd like to know why my comment---that you can go to, click on departments and then look for curriculum--was deleted. Please note, if it means asking the question repeatedly here until it gets answered, that will be fine.
As a teacher, I have always been suspicious of this site. Now, that's even more so."

Questioner said...

Posting of the news article about videotape evaluations does not imply approval of that technique- just an opportunity to open discussion, and maybe also a heads up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the camera person would distract the class less than people constantly comming in and out asking kids questions as you try to teach.

I probably would feel less threatened by the camera than some of the idots who carry clip boards and pretend to know what effective teaching is. People I used to work with that drank the Koo-Aide, some of them were horrible teachers. And know there evaluating me. Coaches and Curriculum specialists and PELA's. Most of them could not teach and wouldn't recognize effective teaching if hit them in the face. The have been brainwashed by the Kool-Aide. Do it there way or be focused.