Monday, December 6, 2010

PVAAS results for Pittsburgh

From the PG:


Questioner said...

From the article:

"When it came to individual high schools, the six significantly below the progress of the average school in the state in reading based on a three-year average were Pittsburgh Allderdice, Brashear, Carrick, Oliver, Peabody and Perry."

- However, at an educational meeting over the summer Derrick Lopez said that the reason Allderdice and Carrick were not being transformed, turned around or closed like so many other schools was because they had been making good academic progress. PSSA and PVAAS scores had not been released yet and so there was no way to verify this statement until after plans had already been presented and approved.

Anonymous said...

The charts on PVAAS presented at the Education Meeting showed "3 year averages" with "gains" in single digits less that 5 points, some less that 1 pt (fractions of 1). Considering that the schools were already far below the PA target for "proficiency" 3 years ago and the PA target has gone up 10% over the past 3 years, PPS schools are clearly in serious decline. Tracing progress or "gains" over the past 10 years reveals even more egregious decline.

A total change in leadership at Central Office seems indicated.

Anonymous said...

Since PVAAS is not a test, but merely "growth" "estimates" calculated using PSSA scores, it is important to understand that every line of the presentation reference here begins with the word "estimated." At the Education Meeting presentation, the goal was to present an improved interpretation of the PPS PSSA scores.

PPS continues to attempt to circumvent the seriously sliding downward trend.

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PVAAS is not a "score" it is a derived ESTIMATION of "growth" and/or "gain" using PSSA "scores."

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Only 2 high schools not below the progress for the state:


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And yet____ the "3 year average" for "progress"
in Reading at LANGLEY was MINUS 13.3 and at SCHENLEY it was MINUS 0.6.

The "3 year averages" for "progress" at other PPS high schools were as follows:

Questioner said...

What about Carrick, and are these averages published anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I missed CARRICK ___The "3 year average" for Reading was MINUS 19.0.

This information was published in a PPS graphic handout entitiled "2010 Results from the Pennsylvania Value Added Assessment System (PVAAS) Education Committee Meeting, December 2, 2010, Attachment 1, Office of Research, Assessment and Accountability" presented by Paulette Poncelet.

This is a 35 page "Executive Summary" that "converts" PSSA scores to "predictions" and "estimated" "growth" and "estimated" "gains"

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Thank you ____Anonymous!

Isn't it strange that there have been no plans at all announced for the school with the very worst results- Perry?

What is the point of producing PVAAS data if it has no effect on decisions?

Anonymous said...

Perry won the City Title in Football Again!

What is a Traditional Academy

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