Friday, January 14, 2011


On another post Happygal wrote:

"It would perhaps be beneficial for our purposes if posters to this blog could have a thread where everyone could anonymously list their school affiliation or status. That way we readers could see if we are hearing from a real cross-section of stakeholders. No comments just something like:

Allegheny Middle-Parent-PSCC or

East End-Teacher"

- Let's give it a try- understanding that some may be hesitant to provide even this information.


Anonymous said...

Southern-High School-parent of 1

Anonymous said...

child at Falk and another at Central Catholic, formerly at Allderdice. So not PPS per se, just interested.

Anonymous said...

Schenley/ Obama parent.

Mark Rauterkus said...

PPS family: Dad, sister, uncle, cousins are ex-teachers/coach in PPS.

Kids attended/ing PPS Phillips, Frick, Pgh Obama, UCDC @Pitt.

Wife is w Ph.D. and Pitt Prof, UPMC & Med School.

Published 100+ cutting edge sport participation titles (mostly books).

Coached in PA (Schenley, Fox Chapel, Plum, Cannon Mac, clubs), Ohio, New England, IL, TX, Calif and 8 years in NCAA settings.

Various swimmers broke "state records" in 4 states (including WPIAL and PIAA).

Libertarian & stood for public office in past (mayor, PA senate, city council, Pgh controller).

Anonymous said...

South parent of 2 grads in college, 1 in charter school currently

Anonymous said...

Parent of grad, one in HS, one elementary all in East End (magnets).

Youngest unlikely to follow in siblings' footsteps. The same education value is not currently offered and it's enough different that we will have to decide if we can afford private or will have to move.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Parent of a child that was in PPS until this year, now enrolled in private school. Same reason Anon 4:46 concerns about her youngest child. I am hoping he can return to PPS by high school. Private school is a financial strain.

*BTW, he has learned more in the past 6 months than in the past 18 months at PPS. I am NOT blaming the teachers,the curriculum is terrible.

Anonymous said...

affiliations University of Pgh employee,work with at risk youth my primary focus afro amer. males
also east end resident and a concern tax payer to the PPS dist
among other things

Anonymous said...

Parent of a Schenley graduate who was subjected to the devastating disruption of an otherwise acceptable educational experience in the PPS. Now completely disillusioned with the changes by an administration that is not in touch with the needs of all of the students within the district. An East-ender who is aghast at the public school choices for children in the neighborhood.

Questioner said...

Anonymous wrote (with personal comment removed):

"Old Timer, I love your comments

I see the same things, people do not know how bad it is."

Anonymous said...

East End teacher and resident. Magnet HS.

Anonymous said...

Parent of two PPS graduates and two current PPS students.

anon said...

Parent of two Schenley grads, involved in education, and as a city resident concerned about PPS.