Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Evaluation to be done of results of the reform agenda to date

From the PG:


Questioner said...

Ideally the results of the evaluation will be made public, and follow up on the evaluation in response to public comments will be done.

Anonymous said...

I really wish I could be more optomistic. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I simply can't see anything but glossed over data if and when whatever evaluation is made public.

Has anyone found out about the broadcasts of board meetings yet?

Annette Werner said...

The Parent Hotline eventually did confirm that Board meetings will be broadcast.

Anonymous said...

I also was pessimistic about spelling optimistic correctly!

Anonymous said...

"She (Dr. Lane) said among her first priorities is conducting a "deep evaluation" of the district's reform agenda implemented by her predecessor, Mark Roosevelt, who left the district Dec. 31 to become president of Antioch College in Ohio. It will include data analysis and talking to teachers and principals about what worked and what didn't."

WHO, WHEN, and HOW will the "deep evaluation" take place? Current admin is biased because what is being evaluated is a result of their work. How can one person take this on alone and still be a "deep evaluation?"

Perhaps its is time for teachers, principals,parents, and communities to find a way to communicate directly to Dr. Lane, the problems being experienced district wide. Honesty is critical__no "spin."

Incoming Harrisburg legislators have plans for a focus on vouchers and charters which could close the majority of PPS if real reform is not initiated forthwith.

Old Timer said...

Until Dr.Lane divests herself from the PPS propaganda machine, it's logical to say that the seamless transition we have had--where learning walk teams which are led by bloated, out of touch with classroom realities administrators are still harassing teachers over everything from wall displays, to rubrics, to missing a sentence in the prescribed curriculum--just makes it clear:

teachers will still be under the thumb of vindictive administrators, as prescribed by the "philanthropist" Bill Gates.

Meet the new boss.
Same as the old boss.

Anonymous said...

I too have zero confidence that the "deep evaluation" will serve any purpose other than to validate Roosevelt's "legacy" and Lane's Broad/Gates entrenchment.

Yet another useless glossy postcard arrived in the mail today featuring a picture of the new Superintendent.

In a state with a projected $4 billion deficit and unemployment hovering around 10%, spending money this way is deeply offensive.

Really good school districts--Mt. Lebo, USC, NA--don't subscribe to the cult of personality. They just deliver results.

Anonymous said...

while i know not everyone has a computer at home the disctrict put a lot of money into an upgrade of the website. at meetings the board members mention its usefulness often yet not too many others are pointing to it for the help it can provide to parents.
did any school have training during a PSCC meeting on what the site provides? i only mention this because of the cost of mailings which must be astronomical.

Anonymous said...

This administration has spent MORE on P.R. than all of the administrations over the past 30 years put together. It really is unconscionable.