Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Anonymous said...

The latest EFA television show features athletics but is closed by an address from Dr. Lane. It is worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Call reporters that partially report the news regarding PPS.

I called a reporter from a local newspaper and he was willing to listen to me. I was super nervous, unorganized and I imagine frustrating to him. He however did seem very interested and really wanted to know more information. It was hard to explain the level of fear people have discussing the district. Everyone knows you fall in line or lose your job.

If reporters knew what was really going on and had aspirations to report a great story and expose the waste &
corruption going on at PPS, (including Roosevelt's term) they would have a winning, salacious story on their hands.

Call reporters, it might help this lack of transparency.

Anonymous said...

I am confused. What is the Teacher residency program? I looked at this job description and the quakifications andhonestly I thought it was a misprint at first.


"Eligibility Requirements: -Must not have (or be earning) a BA or MA in an education program that leads to certification. -Must not have (or be earning) teaching certification in any state. -Must not be enrolled in or have completed another alternate route certification program. -Must not currently work as a full-time teacher for Pittsburgh Public Schools. Long-term substitutes and paraprofessionals are still eligible for the program. -Must be able to pass background investigation. -Must meet subject area requirements for Pennsylvania."

Anonymous said...

Thats Scary, Not to be parnoid but the district in year or two will replacing teachers, with their version of teachers. Only the State should be able to certify teachers. The programs should be run by universities not these crack pots.

Next year a lot of math teachers will be focused and replaced by PPS trained teachers.

Of course John Tarka got dupped again

Anonymous said...

This should be on its own blog

Anonymous said...

READ an excellent insight-of OUR board of ED-WE KNOW THE BOARD MEMBER he was indicating. . . this article states indicators of the future and past that eual the present.

Will the Revolving Door for Urban Superintendents Ever Slow Down ...
2 election, and Mark Roosevelt is tired. The Pittsburgh schools chief has a cold and is in the third or fourth week of a diet and he's been up until nearly ...


Anonymous said...

athletics update re: city league joining the WPIAL


a full time athletic director in each high school - where will this money come from?

bystander said...

The City Coucil session aired today featured testimony and public comment on the acquisition of a property to allow for the continued growth of the Environmental Charter School. I have heard parents and community memebers speak in support of several PPS buildings with the same passion as was on display today. These are often east end schools. Why is the level of interest greater in some areas of the city?

Anonymous said...

Two sports items of note in the link below. One on the WPIAL/PPS topic and the other on the WPIAL interest in the score of a Brentwood-Seton LaSalle game. How many of our schools will be the next Brentwood in sports like girls' basketball once PPS is WPIALized?


Mark Rauterkus said...


Get the new Sports Illustrated magazine with Steelers #92 on the cover. Read the artcle @ the Quips of Aliquippa.

We need to get that article to Dr. Lane of PPS and others. Sports matter. A track story is woven in there too along with the football and community insights. (Dr Lane loves relay talk.)

Coach Mark Rauterkus

Anonymous said...

Let's move to a new subject is there any ball point numbers on how many PPS student who will be potential candidates to use the Pgh
Promise scholarship for a 4 year college,2 year college,trade school,business school etc.
let see out of this year graduation class to see how many students that PPS prepared for life after High School!!!!!!!!

aparent said...


How does the line go? Something like explaing it to me as though I am a 4th grader? Too much reporting on education leaves the door open to either spend a lot of time speculating or cause the reader to toss up his hands and move on to the magazine section. Can anyone help explain what to expect based on the thoughts in the article above? Same amount of money but with different/new restrictions on how to spend it? Might that be a good guess?

hmmmmmm said...

A post card came in the mail. The first paragraph reads:

The Pittsburgh Public Schools Class of 2012 will be the first to be eligible for up to $20,000 in additional scholarship dollars from The Pittsburgh Promise, by scoring "Advanced" on this year's PSSAs and meeting the other eligibility requirements for The Promise.

Several things are stunning about this, but I will allow others to comment with their thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin is the round one battle against public employees including teachers. Wisconsin has been a leader for labor rights. The teaparty govenor is trying to destroy the union under the guise of saving money. Indiana, Ohio, & New Jersey are watching this closely. This is a systematic destruction of the middle class.

To show your support the state of PA public employees, & citizens that care are being asked to wear red tomorrow in support of this fight. My family teachers in Wisconsin and this is unreal and effects everyone, not just WI.


Here is more information, also please check out MSNBC and read/watch Rachel Maddow's blog and website.

Diane Ravitch (author) posted an interesting blog on CNN.


another anon said...

Is there any way PURE might be able to provide any information on possible or declared candidates for school board seats?