Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Voucher proposal would affect 12 Pittsburgh public schools

From the Tribune:

The article does not identify which schools would be affected, except to state that they are low-performing.


Anonymous said...

12 schools just in Pittsburgh.

That is a high number, however I would have guessed higher.

What constitutes a "Low performing school"?

Anonymous said...

Voucher propsal if families offer to take this voucher estimated to be worth $10,000.
meaning they also may forgo the Pgh. Promise scholarship fund.
don't quote me now.
when you get this so called voucher
you can go to any school in which on the back side may lead other schools to low enrollment
question i wonder what schools will get the most look want be
Westinghouse,now you are trying to pay families to stay in dist. what a continue debacle !!!! it just nevers end we should out source the
administration part of the dist.

Anonymous said...

12 schools in Pittsburgh means the following:

1. 1/12th of the WORST schools in the state are in Pittsburgh;

2. Almost 20% of Pittsburgh's schools are among the worst in the state.

With results this bad we should be declaring a state of emergency, not printing more useless propaganda.

I agree that it is time for vouchers.

It's time to shake up the sycophants on Bellefield and give our children a chance.

Anonymous said...

This post and the next intertwine:

"She (Dr. Lane) said among her first priorities is conducting a "deep evaluation" of the district's reform agenda implemented by her predecessor, Mark Roosevelt, who left the district Dec. 31 to become president of Antioch College in Ohio. It will include data analysis and talking to teachers and principals about what worked and what didn't."

WHO, WHEN, and HOW will the "deep evaluation" take place? Current admin is biased because what is being evaluated is a result of their work. How can one person take this on alone and still be a "deep evaluation?"

Perhaps its is time for teachers, principals,parents, and communities to find a way to COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY to Dr. Lane RE: the problems being experienced district wide. Honesty is critical__no "spin."

Incoming Harrisburg legislators have plans for a focus on vouchers and charters which could CLOSE the majority (at least 12) of PPS if real reform is not initiated forthwith.

Anonymous said...

How Deep? More propoganda from the Kremlim of public education

C'mon Man

Anonymous said...

How low can you go?

How low can you go?

To force the Broad/Gates agenda (hidden or not) this is complete B.S.

Is the Broad Academy helping our new superintendent like it did Mark Roosevelt when he first took over the job? Remember? The Investagative Journalism or Lack of realy sucks in Pittsburgh.

This a Joke, and out right moraly wrong, what data driven research supports this approach?

This is a disgrace

Booooo! Boooooooo! Boooooooo!


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