Monday, January 3, 2011

Different incident reported at U Prep

From another post:

Anonymous said...
I am a parent of a UPrep student and my child will not return there next year!!! The things I've seen at the school are shocking to say the least. Every time I walk into that school the Security Guard has her butt planted in the main office either talking on the phone or "working" on the computer. I'm no principal but isn't the security guards job to be patrolling the halls???? When the bell rings to change class the halls explode with students running, screaming, horse playing -it's unsafe to say the least. My child has told me that Hardy physically man handles students, throwing them into walls, lockers etc. and this is not in response to fights. If that's not bullying what is??? I've seen students on cell phones, listening to mp3 players. That school is falling apart at the seams. As parents we definitely need to take a stand.

January 3, 2011 6:22 PM
Questioner said...
It's hard to imagine that a principal would take that kind of liability risk.

Maybe the community needs to start seeing the schools for itself- ie, each month a group of community members can choose a school the group would like to visit during school hours and then arrange a group visit w/ PPS.

January 3, 2011 6:31 PM
Anonymous said...
This Principal?

I could see this happening, instead of dealing with the kids behavior he his trying to show he is a tough guy. He does not suspend them so inturn he looks good to the Ivory Tower Types.

If this toughguy put his hands on my child and pushed him into a locker for anyother reason except for breaking up a fight, it would be last time

Hardy is a joke, a Bully

Fire Hardy Now

January 3, 2011 7:05 PM
Questioner said...
The district really would not want to have 3 principals at Milliones/ U Prep in 3 years.

Can any of the other staff at U Prep be asked to help- like the Gomezes, or professors from Pitt?

January 3, 2011 7:13 PM
Anonymous said...
SORRY But I have a stupid question. What about the PSCC did they get rid of those?

January 3, 2011 7:22 PM


Questioner said...

Continuing comments from another post:

Anonymous said...
The District does not want any of these incidents at U prep to hit the media. Next year U prep is supose to expand, forced on the eastliberty kids

They want this school to look like a great school, when in reality its a joke

Time for the media

Anouther Brick in the Wall, Tear down the wall

January 3, 2011 8:05 PM

Anonymous said...
How many professors from Pitt are at U Prep/Milliones

How much does the university have to do with the school if they are changing the name back to Milliones
from U-Prep ?

3 Principals in three, something is wrong?

What, did they scrape the bottom of the barrel and came up with Hardy?

If this guy is the best the district can do, and Dr. Lane & Hazda do not fire this man? The ship is sinking fast

January 3, 2011 8:29 PM

Anonymous said...
I know this is officially a rumor since I wasn't there to witness this, but a trusted colleague of mine who used to work with Hardy at Westinghouse long ago told me that Hardy pulled the same physical stuff there. She said he'd "grab up" kids and get in their face, be very physically challenging. She saw it and was surprised, but said it seemed to work for him with Westinghouse kids.

When I read Anonymous 6:22's post, I immediately thought back to this colleague's description of such behavior.

January 3, 2011 10:32 PM

Questioner said...

Can some teachers help us out by explaining what is in teachers official manuals/ codes of conduct/ other applicable guidelines about physical contact intended to discipline students or get their attention?

Anonymous said...

Simply put, we are not supposed to put our hands on kids, period, unless breaking up a fight...and even then, proceed with caution.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is a topic for the meet and greet being sponsored by A+ and happening at CAPA with Dr. Lane on 1-10-11.

Anonymous said...

Is the monday meeting an open forum? I thought she was going to "share her vision" with the community that evening.

Anonymous said...

Her vision is simple:

more of the same.

And that's no vision at all.

Anonymous said...

There's a union meeting this Saturday morning. Are you going? Is your building rep going? Make sure he/she is. And ask him/her to demand details about the UPrep incident.

Anonymous said...

I know the incidents at UPREP happen and witnessed them last school year. I reported them to Mr. Hardy's supervisor, Dr.Lopez. If this happened in another school and white students were involved the principal would be removed immediately. What does this say about the say in which the district regards the education of its African American students? What does this say about Mr. Hardy's supervisor, Dr. Lopez?

Anonymous said...

Earlier somebody asked about the PSCC. I hesitate to ask, is there some record of attendees at meetings or at least a summary of what was discussed? Minutes would be nice. If there is nothing readily available going the Right-To-Know route is too cumbersome.

Confidentiality prevents some discussion, but maybe stretching the boundaries is what is needed. Often when kids come home the stories they tell are exaggerated, but other times kids don't tell half the story to avoid an outraged parent from storming the building.

Questioner said...

Last spring and summer when plans for Westinghouse were discussed, a major theme for Mr. Lopez was that "we will wrap our arms around these kids." The "in your face" approach seems very different. And it doesn't seem to be getting very good results. Concentrating impoverished students in separate schools just seems to increase problems with behavior.

Anonymous said...

It's Mr. Derrick Lopez, who is Ass't Superintendent for Secondary Schools

Anonymous said...

Lopez couldn't teach a dog to sit

Maybe it time for him and Hardy to go.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone still believe in the PFT?
If so, can I sell you a used car?

Perhaps there are few people who put stock in the big BELIEVE propaganda sings posted around our school faculty rooms these days, but it should read....


Anonymous said...

Earlier in the week someone mentioned a union meeting to be held today. Since there has been no update on this post it might be a safe bet that the meeting is still going on.

Anonymous said...

I guess this died out, just like the powers at be wanted.

Fire Hardy

You can not put your hands on children.

You can not tell students who are failing to boo their teachers

This man is poor role model

It's good to be boys with Lopez

Fire the fool

Anonymous said...

I am not standing up for any of the behaviors exhibited by adults at UPrep. However, I do think that the general public needs to understand what's really going on in this district. Many of our high schools are being taken to the state for writing referrals on students and suspending them. No wonder kids are walking the halls on cell phones and Ipods. Nothing can be done to them. Take the issue up with the state and the board. Most schools are doing the best they can with what they have to work with.