Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oakland, CA school honored for closing the achievement gap

The name of the school is "SEED," which stands for the School of Expeditionary learning, Equity and Diversity.


Anonymous said...

The point is much easier to close the gap in elementary than high school,also guest who is involve
the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is it their achievement or the kids?
meaning statistics can be misleading

Anonymous said...

Good point! PR is the name of the game with Gates. No "misrepresentations" barred.

Anonymous said...

Well, the things that stood out for me are:

1) the diversity! in kids and in programming (1/2 in English, 1/2 in Spanish)

2)"Carter attributes the trend largely to an increasingly stable staff that works together closely. The teachers write their own curriculum, a flexibility granted by the school district when the school was designed."

3)"art, a low-cost counseling program, time for teachers to work together and extra help for struggling students."

Imagine that -- giving teachers more flexibility, planning time AND the ability to write their own curriculum works. Who knew that the problem wasn't the teachers?!