Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Approach college carefully

Courier article about advice from the former director of NEED:

“Only about 28 percent of the African-American males who enter college are college ready... I really support college, if you know the career you’re going into and that a job is going to be there"


"more students should be looking into the benefits of career and technical education as a means of finding employment more quickly and without the burden of college loan debt."


Anonymous said...

Caution. Caution. Caution. All students need a good education (not currently available for African American students in PPS). Granted, a college education might not be the right path; but all too frequently students are easily detoured from advancing their education because the public schools have NOT provided the basics entitled to every student.

The choice to pursue options other than college should be based on criteria other than the fact that a student did not do well in the public school system. The system has failed in its responsibility to provide a high quality basic education for all of its students.

The focus must be on the system that is failing the students and NOT the students failing in the system.

It is the right of every student to receive a quality education and shifting the blame to students is an "excuse" by the failed system.

Questioner said...

The former NEED director does not seem to be blaming students.

Many parents know that their children are not necessarily mature enough right out of high school to make the most of college or even get by, or that pursuing a skilled trade is the best choice for them.

Anonymous said...

NO ONE is getting a good education at PPS. NO ONE.

Questioner said...

That seems a little extreme!