Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Congratulations Regina, Congratulations Mark

Strong effort by Lisa with many important points raised.


Seen it All said...

This election was actually a major setback for anyone hoping for reform.

Holley and Brentley are good people, and I was happy to see them win.

But the Hazuda-Jones race was the one to watch. Hazuda was firmly in the Roosevelt-Lane camp. Jones advocated true reform.

And the voters spoke very clearly. Either they are very happy with Pittsburgh's disorganized and expensive race to the bottom, or they don't know what's going on, or they don't care what's going on.

The Hazuda-Jones voters have given Hazuda and the Board majority a clear signal: Full speed ahead! Continue doing exactly what you have been doing!

Good luck to Holley and Brentley. They will be ineffective voices in the wilderness. Now instead of one dissenting voice (Brentley's) there will be two.

I know it's only one district, but I fear the rest of the Board will see Hazuda's victory as a vindication of the Roosevelt-Lane regime.

By the way, as many of you know, Jones is a PPS teacher. Now that she has lost, care to guess how long it will be before she's fired on some trumped-up charge?

PPS does not like opposing views of any kind, from anyone.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight Mr. Brentley.

Questioner said...

PG article on election results:


Mark Rauterkus said...

I do not read the results the same as "Seen it All" above.

More drilling is necessary to see what neighborhoods voted in what ways -- but -- I have my doubts.

Jones, as a R, even in the non-party race as it is, had an impossible time. She out paced the registration amounts, I dare say.

But furthermore, there may have been some backlash about the tax dirt with really late payments slug at Hazuda.

I hope Jones has a fine career as a teacher and there are no issues as well.

Finally, the Holley camp did AMAZINGLY well. She is an amazing candidate. I also hope that her influence is much more than just a second voice of dissent. We need great candidates for school board and for plenty of other races up and down the ballot.

Thanks for running -- to all the candidates.

Questioner said...

Dr. Holley's expertise and dedication will enable her to be much more than a voice of dissent.

Anonymous said...

Backlash, hardly. Mz. Hazuda would like to think that, but Jones got democrats to vote for her at precincts that did not vote for her during the primary.

A school board president who habitually pays her school taxes late is a very relevant issue in the election of an official to manage a school district that is strapped for cash.

She's a Republican is not a relevant issue in the election of an official to manage a school district. Yet that was the main talking point for Hazuda's campaign...She is the 'endorsed democrat.'

Fortunately, there are some democrats who understood the difference.

Anonymous said...

Just like voters put someone like Orie back into office even as she was being targeted by the district attorney, voters again turn a blind eye to questions about a given candidate and either vote with party or name recognition. Heck,this has been Fink's formula for years.
Lisa had it all over Hazuda in every regard--especially in the are of personal integrity and character--and still was not a close finisher.
It's again a sad day for the students of Pittsburgh when someone like this is voted in. It screams loud and long where the citizens of Pittsburgh are concerned, some things will never change.