Friday, November 18, 2011

Football championship

On another post Mark Rauterkus wrote:

"New post....

Saturday, 1 pm, football championship game. South Side Cupples Stadium

Allderdice vs USO (UPrep, SciTech, Obama)

Plenty of good seats still available at the gate.
City League Championship Football Game, Allderdice vs. USO.

Saturday's PPS / City League Championship football game, 1 pm at Cupples on South Side, has a special pre game tailgate for All the grads and alumni of Uprep, SciTech and Pgh Obama. Every one of them already have advanced tickets. It was nice of the Dice coaches to chip in and cover the cost of beverages for the tailgate for these grads. It is a closed party, but look for them on the bridge and behind their parked flying carpets.

Schenley and Allderdice grads, do not go to the above mentioned party. Yinz do get to go to the game, of course. Be there. Cheer."


Mark Rauterkus said...

14-0, USO over Dice.

Tight game. All points in 4th quarter. Thought it was going to be 0-0.

Rigby Reardon said...

Is my memory bad, or should the PIAA first round state playoff game versus State College---which is going to be played right in their back yard at Altoona--be considered a slap? I thought that the city winner always played their first round game at Cupples.
And USO...Quad A? Really?

Mark Rauterkus said...

No slap. I am not a football expert, but I assume that the game is every other year schedule.

There was some need to move some schools up to higher classes. But UPrep and Sci tech and Obama all come together for the numbers.

I wonder, how did Oliver do?

Anonymous said...

The PG picks State College over USO tomorrow in the state playoffs which is kind of amazing in that I doubt anyone at the PG, especially a hack like Mike White, has even seen that school play this year. Never mind that they have 3 losses.
It makes me root for city teams that much more.

Anonymous said...

I'm at a loss about how the program could not develop a kicker. Had they done so, they would have won today in regulation. I've been watching their box scores all year and always believed it would catch up to them one day.
Today it did.
Great season, nonetheless. Tough loss, but should build a fire for next year.

Anonymous said...

Some teams find a kicker on the soccer team. Obama has good boys and girls soccer teams.