Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Graduate Pittsburgh" initiative

On another thread Mark Rauterkus wrote:

Today's (Thur) event at Hozana House @ dropouts.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Any insights welcome.

Old Timer said...

First of all, the link is not working.
Second of all, it always amazes me that you continue to be out of touch with the realities of the hour.
You do understand that 300 or more teachers are about to be furloughed, right? You do understand that the RISE program, which has the tragically humorous tag line "Empowering teachers" for public consumption, is actually geared to get rid of teachers, right? I bring this up because any teacher willing to go an extra mile for this "leadership" has some serious psychological issues that need to be addressed.
You do understand that where priorities are concerned, it would behoove PPS to scrap its curriculum in every subject area because it is not addressing the needs of students as they matriculate on to college, right?
You do understand that righting the Westinghouse ship should be job one where priorities and manpower is concerned, right, and you do understand how out of control the school was, right (think Lean on Me with Morgan Freeman)?
I'm a little taken aback by your thinking sometimes and wonder what the endgame is. Thanks to Dr.Lippert's unconscionable decision to have a 50% program for grading a couple of years ago, it is almost impossible to fail in Pittsburgh because Lord knows, we want EVERYONE on the pathway to the promise, even those who are woefully unprepared for college. Heck, it's great PR. With that in mind, your program idea is astounding. Between 50% and the extra period many schools now have to erase student failures in given classes, just who are you trying to attract?

I don't fault you on trying to be proactive and in being a caring adult, but be careful what you wish for. As stated to you at various points over the years, you really should walk a mile in my shoes, as someone who has not been privileged to work at some of the more glamorous schools and with the types of kids who want to go on to an Ivy League school, or even a Pitt, for that matter. Seeing it as an outsider or as someone who occasionally steps into a school in a sports capacity is nice, but it doesn't begin to tell the entire tale as to the struggles one sees in the classroom.

Questioner said...

The link works; there were quotation marks around Mark's entire post and the end quote mark " may have looked like it was part of the link, so it has been removed.

Anonymous said...

I can't say for sure but I think the dropout rate will be cured when we have 30-35 kids in a class. When teachers are bringing in all the supplies they need from home and when the wait list to get things fixed increases to about 6 weeks (or would that be a decrease?).

Mark Rauterkus said...

Old Timer, are you jumping on me or are you ranting with a royal "you?"

Just to be clear, I saw something in a site about education and I asked an open ended question that sums up to, Did ya see this?

BTW, I do not try to always amaze you. Not my endgame, FWIW.